V-day recap <3

Ah Valentine’s Day.  V-day is a funny and kinda lightweight contrived holiday.  All of the sudden, everyone decides they need to make some grand gesture(s) to show their exceptional love and affection for their special person.  Lots of pda, roses, heart shaped things… cupids… showy displays of “commitment” to the relationship.  I think most of it is silly because everyday should be the day you treat your person with the utmost love and respect.  Not to mention I think buying spontaneous chocolate boxes- for example- should be done on the reg.  Everyone loves that- V-day or not!  Personally, I wish I constantly had a box of See’s candies right on my nightstand that magically refilled itself. Like an everlasting gobstopper. But instead of some jawbreaker crap, a whole box of creamy centered chocolates.

Now despite my disdain for fake sentiments and shallow romances, I love and V-day (along with any other opportunity I have to bake themed goodies or get to be excited about something!) I hope we all had wonderful and love filled days- either spent with significant others, best friends or even family.  Sure, celebrating V-day with your family isn’t the most common thing, especially in your early twenties, but why not?  I my family.  In an unconditional and undying kind of way, because at the end of the day, I know they will, 100%, no matter what, care about me and will always be on my team Let’s face it- I’m their little Beedle (I loved lady bugs when I was younger so naturally this nickname happened)- and they are stuck with me through it all!


Even when I’m 3,000 miles away and nearly two years out of college, my parents still wake me up with “good morning, love you” texts, send me off sleeping with “good night, love you texts” and continually blow up my inbox with funny emails, career/ life improvement/ ways to be more productive emails (thanks mom) and anything else noteworthy they know I’d like to- or need to- read about.  I can’t honestly say they’ve ever steered me wrong and are the first people I turn to when I need some wisdom- or a quick reality check. And of course, there’s my my sister (to whom most people, she seems pretty opposite of me in most regards- not true.)  Her and I are always in some type of bizarre exchange of random, nonsensical texts, snapchats and phone calls… and when life is really crushing me, I go straight to her to vent.  She just gets me!  No detailed explaining is necessary most of the time for her to candidly voice her opinions and make me feel sane again.  I love my family because they freely and willing give me some of the most invaluable things anyone can give in this life: their time, attention and support.  They are my foundation and I’d be lost without them.

College Days ❤

While in reality I love my family to death- no, I did not spend V-day with them this year. But as I started writing this post, it really felt necessary to give a special shout out to my fam, the ones who’ve really and truly been with me since day one.  Now, on to what I actually did this February 14: not that much.  And it was solid.  My Valentine?  The love of my life, Nick. too hard (whoops,) Nick’s all-nighter (hello grad-school,) and the Antarctic snowy weather, a cozy and relaxed day/ night in was exactly what we wanted.  Sleeping and cuddling was a very large portion of the day.  As was eating lots of chocolate!


We had a beautiful combination of See’s, my favorite, and a giant heart shaped box of assorted fancy truffles!  We spent the day on and off napping and watching Spongebob Squarepants and Sherlock Holmes- an excellent combination of entertainment for those wanting both silliness and nonsensical humor mixed with suspense and wit.

Sometimes I want to hug you... Sometimes I want to pop you!
“Sometimes I just want to hug you ’till you pop… Sometimes I just want to pop you!”

Once we mobilized, we hauled over to Whole Foods, which was surprisingly crowded for V-day night. Don’t people have like reservations for fancy NYC $300 pre-fixed dinners to attend?  Being in a crowded Wholes, while starving, is basically both of our worst nightmares.  We almost lost our cools numerous times.  Scratch that- I did like 1.5 times.  Not to mention I was dying of an insatiable thirst, prompting me to open every bottle of juice/ soda/ seltzer water I planned on purchasing, prior to check out. Ultimately, it was a success!  Although stupid Wholes didn’t have random things- like cocoa powder. That’s okay because I got carob powder instead- cocoa’s healthier, more hip older sister.

We cooked up a Valentine’s Day storm!  On the menu: patty melts with jack cheese and caramelized onions sandwiched in-between fresh rosemary baguette slices, oven roasted sweet potato fries and for dessert- carob red velvet cheesecake brownies! And of course our favorite choice of chip, Sweet Chili Doritos.  It was so satisfying. We bonded over the stove, preparing delicious food, stealing hugs and kisses in-between chops, flips and sautés.  We spent our V-day together, much like any other Saturday, doing what matters most: being together and enjoying each other’s presence and friendship.  Don’t get me wrong, there have been some V-day’s where we balled out- roses, chocolates, fancy gifts and extravagant candle lit dinners- but at the end of the day, loving each other is all that matters.  That, and me getting chocolates.  That’s non-negotiable.  It was perfect ❤


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