Life Snaps 2.22.15

Despite the absurdly cold temperatures, I managed to have some fun mini outtings with some of my favorite people this week!  Here are some snapshots and the story behind them 🙂

1) Happy 26th anniversary to my wonderful and awesome parents! Cheers to my parents who continue to show me what a loving marriage looks like, year after year ❤

2) Okay, so okra.  I freaking love okra but for some reason not many others share my feelings. Okra is basically the most underrated veggie in the history of veggies! Here, I sautéed my okra with a teriyaki sauce and siracha and then added in some chicken/ veggie pot stickers. Super easy and delicious. Bon appetit!

3) Thai feast with my former Columbia University tennis teammates!!! We had a fantastic team reunion at Room Service in Hell’s Kitchen- amazing food and obviously brilliant company ❤ Recommendation: the Pad-Noh-Mai (if you like spicy food.) So good.

4) Say hello to the cutest roommate ever, Whiskey Davis, my adorable hamster buddy 🙂 He holds it down for the team.

5) Saw this dude from across the street and it just made me happy. Who doesn’t like bubbles?? It was surprisingly not ice-cold outside and some sunshine and bubbles was just the pick-me-up I needed!

6) The Smith. Brunch with my bf was delicious! I had the breakfast pot pie- a skillet filled with bacon, sausage and veggies in a rich gravy, topped with a cheese biscuit and sunny side up eggs! YUM!  He got the classic fried chicken sandwich. Also yummy.

7) The Smith again- dessert time! Homemade glazed doughnuts 🙂 Warm, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth perfection. Exactly the thing to go with my 3 cups of coffee I ended up downing that morning.

8) Kickboxing!  Kickboxing is the perfect thing to get you going on a Sunday morning.  It sucks getting out of bed, but it always helps when you have a friend expecting you to show up, so we can get through the misery and sweat together!  All the running, sit ups, push ups, lunges, fast feet, high knees… and of course all the punching and kicking makes for the ultimate full body workout. The best feeling ever is wrapping up a killer workout where you got to kick and punch sh*t! Best way to get your frustrations out. Plus you feel like a bosssss.


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