305 in the 212

Today I had one of the most fun workouts ever with my Columbia Lions! The place? 305 Fitness. What it actually felt like? A raging dance club! The 55 minute workout was intense and I’m no doubt going to be sore for the next 3 days- but it was exhilarating!

CU tennis team ❤

The class had a live DJ playing pretty much every rap, pop and club anthem I would want to hear while out dancing on a Saturday night– a.k.a. the perfect base pumping, energizing, “get-at-meeee” type boss s*hit I want to be blasting while I’m working out. The class itself was a high intensity mix of cardio, aerobics, toning and interval sprints… lots of kicking, punching, jumping, skipping, thrusting, rollin’ and flowin’… it was basically a kick ass dance party with a super amped- super in shape- dance trainer professional directing your moves and pushing you to be your best!

Cue the crazy flashing colored lights and cheers from everyone getting so hyped up and I pretty much felt like I was a backup dancer in some insane rap/ pop mashup music vid. Now, I’m not going to lie- I’m not the best when it comes to choreography of any type. There were definitely some moves that we did on and off during the entire class, that I’m 100% sure I butchered the whole time. I was pleased, however, with my pop-lock-and-drop-its. BOOM.

IMG_9104_2My big question is- how on earth do dancers do the sexy, rolly thing with their booties, hips and core? My friends will tell you I love to go out and dance, yes. But also that I sometimes dance in hyper, erratic, square-like rhythms… so yeah. Lots of jumping around, shaking my booty, shimmying and screaming lyrics at the top of my lungs- especially if they’re rap songs. That’s how I break it down! I unpredictably tear it up on the dance floor with my bumpin’ moves.

But back to the class- it was empowering and ridiculously fun. I recommend it to anyone looking for an adrenaline pumping, intense cardio workout.


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