Life Snaps 3.8.15

This week started off kinda blah. The weather had me feeling trapped, I stepped in numerous giant, hidden pools of dirty slush walking around NYC and by Tuesday I wanted it to be Friday already! But once Thursday rolled around, things got fun and the rest of the weekend was surprisingly filled with awesome outtings with friends- even a throw back trip back to college to celebrate a friend’s 21st on a party bus! Here are some snapshots and the story behind them 🙂

1 & 2) The Thursday blizzard didn’t stop my friends and I from venturing to The McKittrick Hotel for some high class cocktails, dinner and live music! I can’t say enough good things about the McKittrick Hotel! We started our unique experience up in The Lodge- the Winter transformation of the roof top bar, Gallow Green. The Lodge is basically a huge cozy cabin, complete with a fire place, a rocking chair and large comfy seatings layered with throws, a cute kitchen area, sweet bunk beds layered with warm, Scottish themed blankets, a small bedroom fully surrounded by old books and of course the decked out bar- just to name some of the highlights. It’s very rustic and so immensely detailed! Did I mention the cabin is in a forrest of Christmas trees? Cuz it is.

After we pried ourselves from the comfy, warm bunk bed where we were sipping our Mulled Wine and Hot Ciders, we headed down stairs to The Heath for dinner. It was quite an event! A live jazz band, a fully stocked bar, theatrical waitresses, delicious food and a smokey speakeasy setting… I felt like I was in The Great Gatsby or in some high society 1930’s party! Super swanky!

Check this out for a full review.

3) Hilo nightclub with my beautiful homies from the CU tennis team! Bumpin’ music, good vibes, tasty tropical drinks and room to dance? An excellent Friday night out!

4) I am not an artist- I’m creative, but I can’t draw, paint or sculpt too brilliantly- by any means. My sister, however, is a pro artist. Anyways, that doesn’t mean I don’t appreciate art! This week I found myself at the Dillon Gallery opening reception viewing the Survey of Contemporary Japanese Art. The pic shown is called Chie Shimizu. This collection was very eclectic; to be honest, I understood very little. From a post-apocalyptic scene filled with naked ladies, animorphs (who remembers those books?!,) satellites falling from the sky and general chaos to fabric, screen-like misty layers faintly blurring colors, pigments and shadows to bizarre alien communication devices- this gallery had a lot I just didn’t get. But hey, free wine and an opportunity to become more cultured? I’m in!

5 & 6) OMG. Sweet Chick in the Lower East Side. Spicy honey drizzled tender fried chicken combined with a sweet and savory bacon and cheddar waffle. Doused in syrup. Need I say more? NOPE. Cool people, delicious food and not too expensive- I definitely recommend this place!

7) Shout out to my mom who was on top of a Chinese New Year Parade float in SF for being on the Board of Directors of the APA Family Support Services- a nonprofit 🙂

8) New beanies from Neff! Love my bright ass beanies- bought a neon green and a bright pink one ❤ Perfect for making any outfit pop!

9 & 10) First time on a party bus! Happy birthday to my lovely Nada! It was a ton of fun- despite having to hold on for dear life whenever the driver stopped or started driving. Balance was crucialllll.  Anyways, I absolutely loved touring the city while dancing the night away with my friends, eating mini cupcakes and drinkin’ Arnold Palmers!


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