NYC Spotlight | Date Night at Red Farm

It’s been Spring Break for most college students, despite the very not Spring weather we’ve been having, so my bf and I took advantage of the fact that he’s in no danger of having to pull any all nighters in studio or get stuck on assignments all week (architecture grad school!) So we had a date night in the UWS- keeping it local 🙂

Red Farm

Red Farm on 77th and Broadway is a fantastic Chinese fusion restaurant and a perfect spot to take your significant other- it has a very warm, cozy and authentic feel to it all. It’s modern, simplistic farmhouse look is complete with red checkered cushions and a wall of fresh bright green plants as you first walk in. There are lots of delicious dishes on the menu- obviously we wanted to try everything- but unless you’re planning on dropping hundreds, it’s not going to happen. So we ended up ordering the Katz’s Pastrami Egg Roll appetizer (definitely could have eaten 10 of these) and the Korean Rice Cake BBQ’d Pork Belly & Chinese Sausage and the Dungeness & Rock Crabmeat Long Life Noodles for our main courses.

Katz’s Pastrami Egg Roll

The “egg roll” name doesn’t do this appetizer justice. It was so delicious and came with a spicy sweet dijon mustard sauce. The pastrami was juicy, the veggies crunchy and the outer wrap was perfectly crisp! Egg rolls are straight up delicious and I absolutely love Katz’s pastrami so it was a beautiful culmination of two super tasty things. How could you go wrong? The long life noodles were chewy and savory and combined with chunks of crab meat? Obviously amazing. We each had fun/ difficulties trying to pull apart the crab claws for the meat- a pain, yes. It also made my fingers smell. But totally worth it!

Dungeness & Rock Crabmeat Long Life Noodles
Dungeness & Rock Crabmeat Long Life Noodles

Our next dish was fantastic- the Korean rice cake entree had so many textures and layers of flavor. I love mochi; this dish had a bed of mochi-like rice cakes, stir fried with veggies- including the absolutely best tasting mushroom chunks I’ve ever had in my life, it was like freaking steak- and Chinese sausage and BBQ pork belly… CHINESE SAUSAGE AND BBQ PORK BELLY! If that doesn’t scream “absurdly delicious” to you, I don’t know what else would. The sauce was incredibly flavorful. I ate it all.

IMG_9310 (1)After our dinner, we didn’t go far for dessert. We hit up the famed Maison Keyser French Bakery across the street. After debating what to order for about… 20 min (?) I decided on the Cardinal. It was a raspberry mousse that had a creme brûlée middle, a raspberry biscuit bottom and a raspberry glaze over the whole treasure of a dessert. My bf, decided to go for a classic favorite, the almond croissant. Which is also a personal breakfast fav.

IMG_9317We ended up struggling to take a nice stroll back along Riverside park; it was freezing and windy. And not just any kind of windy, but tornado force windy. So it wasn’t the nicest walk back and I almost got blown away multiple times. But at the same time that was kinda hilarious. Date night was a success!


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