Spring, Is that You?

I know technically it’s “Spring,” but it’s still freezing out, and snow flurries did happen this past weekend. Not okay. But I am hopeful and excited for Springtime to finally arrive! Once the cold, depresso Winter weather ends, Spring comes along and gives everything an energizing boost of Vitamin D! Springtime gives me the completely necessary feeling of renewal and growth, after what feels like at least 5 years of blah weather. Being from the sunny Bay Area, I may come across as a bit over dramatic. But… I don’t think so. Sunshine, blossoming flowers, green grass, Easter, outdoor brunches, taking walks through the city, pastels, flirty dresses and cute shoes are some of the things I’m looking forward to! And of course, my favorite chocolate, The Cadbury Cream Egg! ❤CadburyWhat are you looking forward to?

These beautiful pictures are from the always inspiring, Pintrest.


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