Art By Friends NYC

Step aside Picasso!

Last night my friends and I spent the night channeling our inner Picassos while drinking in-house brewed German beers at Paulaner Brauhaus– a super cool, trendy restaurant brewpub in the Lower East Side.

German crafted beer

It was my first Art By Friends class and I absolutely loved it! I’m not known for being the artist of the family- that’s my sister- but I really had fun getting artistic and letting my creative energies flow. We spent over two hours creating our masterpiece versions of the original, “Bubbles & Brushes” painting. I was worried mine was going to look like some type of deformed bubble monster… despite the awesome and helpful instructors roaming around to help with tips on painting technique. But once I stopped freaking out and trying to be a perfectionist, it all came together!

My work of art

Viola!I was aiming for a self portrait-esk painting- fuller cheeks, tan, few beauty marks, pinker lips…  and so I kinda deviated from the original to try to capture what I wanted. Not sure if I really succeeded in that, but regardless, I love the finished piece! Everyone’s came out differently- and thanks to all the varying perspectives on the original- they all turned out beautiful and unique.


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