Life Snaps 4.06.15

[NYC finally stepping up it’s city decorations for Spring! The streets are looking beautiful in the UWS]
I hope everyone had a beautiful Easter weekend! This week went by super fast for me- which is always a bit alarming because it reminds me how important being in charge of your own day is. With time seemingly zooming by, I’m really trying to make more of a conscious effort to stay in the moment and enjoy where I am in life. It’s definitely not a new concept- living each day with purpose and intent- but it’s something I, in particular, need to work on. Easter was an awesome day to focus on the blessings God has provided me. Despite being away from my family, which bummed me out a bit, it turned out to be an awesome day of praising God and reflection on the Resurrection of Jesus, spent with those from church and my loving boy friend. That being said, here are some highlights from my week!

[Here I am trying to take a sneaky pic of us on our way to church…]
[Wearing my most Easter-y dress for church, while staying comfy & cool in my Nike sneaks]
[Saturday morning White Chocolate Raspberry Waffles]
[Absolutely love the Spring decor at Chelsea Market]
[Desserts to share from my new favorite bakery, Empire Cake. I indulged on the Passion Fruit snack cake- yellow cake with tart passion fruit curd filling, dipped in Belgian white chocolate and sprinkled with coconut.]


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