New Shades and Neon

[Neff beanie, Warby Parker sunglasses, Express cropped sweater, Forever 21 skirt, Nike sneaker wedges]
In college, most of my style consisted of sweatpants, hoodies and Nike and Adidas dry-fit tennis outfits. And while sweats continue to be a staple in my life- something that will never change- my sense of fashion is progressing. Since graduating and living in NYC as a real person- aka an adult-ish grown up- I’ve been leaning towards more black in my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong- I do love color and have plenty of bright pieces to mix and match with. But when it comes to black, it always looks effortlessly stylish, even if it’s just a black tee paired with a statement necklace.

As a general rule, if I’m going primarily black or grey, I make sure to add a pop of color! Here I topped off my outfit with a neon beanie- perfect for a chilly Spring day. I also treated myself to new sunglasses from Warby Parker. I’ve always shied away from aviators in the past, but I decided to try something different with my eye wear- which has basically been the same for years. Despite trying on the same 3 pairs of glasses for about 45 minutes, and being plagued by indecisiveness, I finally chose the more narrow sized aviators with the blue tinted lenses for a little color. Bring it sun!



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