NYC Studio Style


One of my favorite things about my studio apartment is my rustic exposed brick wall. It’s a huge decorating bonus and adds such character to my little abode! The brick is charming on its own, so I kept the décor minimal. I was going for a warm, elegant look to contrast with the old and industrial-ish feel of the brick. Honestly though, some of the decorating touches were put together at random- the giant mason jar was used for pickling cucumbers last Summer, the little ornaments in the jar were obviously placed in there because I threw out their original boxes and the roses were a part of last year’s V-day gifts.

Before I toss “junk” out, I always take a sec to see if I could use it for decoration purposes, and sometimes things just magically go together! Or I end up being a hoarder… I also tend to tangle my necklaces, so I decided it’s time to buy some jewelry holders which also serve as beautiful ways to display your necklaces. Items that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing are always winners in my book! Like the framed mirror- I love the black ornate frame as the focal point of the wall- not to mention it was a steal from Ikea. And lastly, being the nostalgic person I am, I took a strand of ribbon and pinned up some of my favorite pictures to drape across the top of wall. Look complete!





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