Life Snaps 5.2.15

[Happiest 51st birthday to my beautiful role model of a mommy!!! How cute are they sharing an adventure in Pescadero, CA?]
This past week was a good one- very well rounded and definitely less work than play. Just how I prefer it! Hah. I did, unfortunately, get sick mid-week which culminated in a 20ish hour sleep-a-thon Wednesday. I was a literal zombie and my eyes just hurt. Like they hurt to move. Anyhoo, I bounced back, and now that May has arrived I’m once again enjoying walking through NYC on foot. There’s nothing I love more than stumbling upon a new delicious bakery to try on my morning commute or grabbing froyo and devouring it in the sunshine on my way back home. Did I indulge a bit too much this week? Maybe… but can’t say I regretted it. And hey- I managed to get my ass to 7am kickboxing! BAM! So I treat mahself.

P.S. Most people don’t know, but I consider May an ENTIRE party month. 🙂 It’s my mom’s bday the 1st, my sister’s the 8th, my boy friend’s the 10th and MINE the 14th!!! WHOOP WHOOP! PARTAY TYMMMMEEEE!

[Okay guys. What if all of NYC smelled like cake… instead of hobo pee and garbage… WHAT IF??? Btws- amazing coconut cake from Buttercup Bake Shop. YES.]
IMG_9684 copy
[I threw my first big girl NYC party for no particular reason- other than to celebrate my friends, of course- at The Empire Hotel Rooftop Friday Night! Whoop whoop! A solid night with my home gurlzzzz!]

[Officially decided I do not take enough advantage of the superb museums NYC has to offer! So, my friends and I casually strolled through the MET Saturday afternoon 🙂 I’m a big fan of the Impressionists <3]
[By far the best bagel I’ve ever had… Coconut Bagel with Toasted Coconut Cream Cheese. RIDIC.]
[See how happy I look after 7am kickboxing?!?!?]
[So guys. This is what a $7 froyo experience looks like. Worth it? Yes, absolutely. Duh. But $7? Really Yogurtland? My theory is they’re messing with those scales…]


4 thoughts on “Life Snaps 5.2.15

  1. “What if all of NYC smelled like cake… instead of hobo pee and garbage” haha one of the best one liners I’ve seen. By the way, the pictures of food on your blog (not just in this post) are making me work up an appetite. Can’t wait for me!

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      1. Now that’s my kind of instagram account! I’ve never been to NYC even though I’m in nearby Toronto but I’d imagine it would be glorious. Like once I enter a bakery, I don’t want to leave.

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