The Empire Hotel Rooftop


I’ve always thought the massive neon red “Hotel Empire” sign was really iconic and cool and so I was super pumped when I found out I I had the opportunity to throw a party here for all of my friends! It seems like a very New York-y thing to do- throw a party on a rooftop bar & lounge- and so, I felt a little funny hosting, since I certainly don’t consider myself a New Yorker! Not to mention, I’ve never really hosted a proper party. I give party planners soooo much credit! Can you imagine wedding planners, for example? Hello anxiety central! I honestly didn’t do much to “plan” this out. I was like- hey guys just say my name at the door! And yet, I still had anxiety about numerous things… the weather, too many people coming, too few people coming, if the music was going to suck, what if the crowd was whack… WHAT IF NO ONE HAS FUN?! It was a long, ridiculous and unnecessary list of “what ifs”. But once the night started, all of that silly anxiety dispersed. I realized as long as I’m here with my friends, what could really go wrong? It turned out to be an awesome night. Drinks, dancing, lounging at our table, catching up with everyone, taking pictures and enjoying the beautiful views from the roof. It was a grand time!

My outfit for the night! Look- I’m actually wearing heels! For those of you that don’t know, this is a rarity. Because, uh, hello? How am I supposed to get down on the dance floor when I can barely walk?!
FullSizeRender 2
Enjoying our space- a rarity when going out in NYC!



IMG_9684 copy

[After party drinks at Tao :)]

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