Break Out The Champagne Y’all…

It’s awards nomination time! Since starting my blogging journey, I’ve been so happily surprised by how awesome and supportive everyone has been! Not to mention how talented. It’s really interesting to read about other people’s journeys, adventures, life perspectives and opinions on bajillions of topics- all within the wonderful blogging community! It sounds so cliche, but it’s like getting the opportunity to see the world through other countless cool people’s eyes- anytime you want. It’s fantastic! I’m pumped to have started this creative blogging journey this year! YES! Now, on to the awards! I’ve been nominated for two awards- The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award and The Liebster Award. Whoop whoop! If any of the blogs I’ve posted here have already received these nominations or you just don’t want to participate- no worries or pressure! I just want to share the blogs I’ve discovered recently 🙂

First award: The Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

Sisterhood Award

Thanks so much to Chloe of It Started In Oxford– one of the very first bloggers to follow me! It’s so fun to follow her adventures in Tbilisi, Georgia. Def check her blog out! Here are the ten questions she’s given me to answer, so get ready to know me a whole lot better…

1. What is your favourite thing about where you currently live?

Most of my friends from college still live in the city- NYC!

2. What is your favourite colour?

Rainbow. Aka- all of them 🙂

3. Tell us a fact about yourself.

I’m only 5’2”… on a good day…

4. Have you ever been told that you look like a celebrity? If so, who?

Not really. Guess that means I’m unique looking?

5. Where do you want to live and why?

San Francisco! I want to move back to SF because my family is there, the amazing food- especially the fantastic burritos, easy access to the beach, mountains, wineries and amazing hiking, chill & down to earth people, I could drive around again, perfect climate… the list is pretty endless…

6. Favourite song at the moment? Give us a link so we can listen!

Somebody New- Joywave

7. What is your favourite feature about yourself?

I like my nose. Especially the beauty mark right on the tip of my nose- it’s basically smack in the middle of my face. I like to think it adds character!

8. Tell us something that made you smile recently.

Visiting my mom in Philly on Mother’s Day, while she happened to be on the East Coast for business 🙂

9. What’s your opinion on street performers?

If you’re worth my time and attention, carry on- if not get out of my way. You’re causing traffic and I have no cash to give!

10. If you could travel through time, which era would you visit and why?

Def the jurassic era- cuz dinosaurs. Duh. And now, here are 5 sisters whose blogs haven’t ceased to impress:

  1. Always Abroad
  2. Crafted In Carhartt
  3. Confetti and Curves
  4. The World of Ntina
  5. Spring Tomorrow

Here are the questions I have for you guys 🙂

  1. What’s your least favorite part about your morning commute?
  2. Do you have a weird habit/ quirk? What is it?
  3. Are you more introverted or extroverted?
  4. What’s your go-to for reliving stress?
  5. Favorite dessert?
  6. Biggest pet peeve?
  7. What impresses you when you meet someone for the first time?
  8. What’s your number one creative outlet?
  9. Favorite 90’s pop band?
  10. Can you go a day without texting?

Once you’re done, please pick 5 people you wish to nominate for this award and come up with 10 questions for them. And please link your blog post on here so I can read it. Cheers!

Second Award: The Liebster Award


The rules: 1. Thank the person who nominated you. 2. Display the award. 3. Nominate 10 other blogs. 4. Answer the 10 questions the blogger who nominated you asked. 5. Ask 10 questions for your nominees. Thanks so much to Paul, of The Captain’s Speech, for nominating me for this award! Go check his blog out asap, if you haven’t already. It’s awesome, hilarious and very well written! Here are the question’s he’s asked me…

1. Do you sleep with one leg hanging out of your bed, both tucked in, or other?

I always sleep with both my legs in my bed! Otherwise I feel like someone or somethings gonna grab one of them… same goes for arms!

2. What’s your nickname?

Chey Chey, Chey Day, Chelly, Burr, Beadle, Mylo

3. If you could create a perfect meal, what would it include?

Hmmmm… very tough question. But I think the perfect meal would include each of my favorite dishes- in tapas- form from every cuisine I like! Which is all of them! And of course, the according mini dishes of desserts. So I guess what I’m trying to say is that my perfect meal is tons of mini perfect meals of all the cuisines ever. Way to be specific- ammirite?!

4. What was the last song you listened to?

B*tch Better Have My Money- Rihanna

5. Biggest fear?

Not living up to my full potential.  And getting kidnapped, raped and murdered.

6. What’s your hidden talent?


7. Name any three people (past or present) you would go for ice cream with.

I would go for ice cream with anyone. Especially if they’re paying!

8. What makes you so awesome?

I’m always down for an adventure and love trying out new things!

9. Name something you’ve ruined.

Every white piece of clothing I own.

10. Five words that don’t describe you.

Unambitious, Tall, Mathematician, Willy-Nilly, Greedy Alright guys, your turn! Here are ten questions I would love to hear your answers to…

  1. What are the top three qualities you find most important in a friendship?
  2. Do those qualities change in a romantic relationship? If so, how?
  3. What’s the first thing you do when you enter a hotel room?
  4. Last thing you do before you sleep?
  5. Tea or coffee?
  6. Favorite disney movie?
  7. How many days can you comfortably not shower?
  8. Why did you start your blog?
  9. Number one turn off?
  10. What’s your favorite mode of transportation?

Here are 5 blogger’s I’ve just started to get to know (I’m in the processes of discovering more and more kick-ass blogs) and you should too 🙂

  1. Food Fellowship and Wine
  2. Not of the Norm
  3. Charlene Chic
  4. Agika
  5. Stephysweetbakes

How would you guys answer these questions? Love to hear your answers, post below!


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