NYC Spotlight | Afternoon Tea at The Plaza Hotel


I have always wanted to have Afternoon Tea in The Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel!!! So on my birthday, when my boy friend and I started walking down Central Park towards 5th Ave for a “surprise,” I knew exactly where we were headed! I, my friends, was extremely pumped. After my first step in to The Plaza Hotel, I already felt fancy. It was certainly gonna be an afternoon outing of sophistication! LOLZ. It is beautifully spacious inside and I absolutely loved the orchids and chandeliers that decorate the entrance way. Walking into The Palm Court for tea is such a fantastic experience- the ambiance is very glamorous, classy, elegant and… tropical-esk. The kind of place that would be in a Lana Del Rey music video. Classic and cool. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that The Palm Court is actually decorated with tall, looming palm trees! It’s basically a palm tree palace in there. With the yellow-green stained glass skylight, giant marble columns and mirrored doors it really did feel grand and luxurious inside. It was such a lovely, gorgeous setting to enjoy afternoon tea! I was so happy to be sippin’ my tea, munchin’ on scones, eating tiny tea sandwiches, indulging on cute little dessert after dessert… I felt like a birthday princess!

Not sure when I’ll be back, but it was a fantastic time! Everything was delicious- the savory tea sandwiches, the freshly baked scones and especially the petite desserts. My favorite was the pistachio macaroon! YUM! The tea itself was extraordinarily tasty too! Lots of complex flavors. Not to mention my bf and I went through about 15 or so sugar cubes with our tea sippin’… but I also take my tea with cream 🙂 Creamy and sweet. Just how I like my coffee!



[THÉ DES ALIZÉS A green tea enlivened by flower petals and delicately scented with pieces of white peach, kiwi and watermelon.]
[THÉ DES ALIZÉS- A green tea enlivened by flower petals and delicately scented with pieces of white peach, kiwi and watermelon.]

[Sandwiches, scones, pastries and sweets!]
[Sandwiches, scones, pastries and sweets!]

[If you want to be fancy, hold your pinky up like this! The higher you hold it, the fancier you are! -Patrick Star]
[Desserts on desserts on desserts!]
[Desserts on desserts on desserts!]

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