25 Things

As my last hey-I-just-turned-25 posts, I wanted to share 25 Chelsea fun facts! And a birthday celebration recap because honestly this past bday was an awesome one- thanks to my wonderful bf and homies 🙂 I’m so lucky to be living in NYC with a group of fantastic people surrounding me! This year is going to be a good one. I’m no longer considered right out of college- weird- and I’m a mature-ish, mid-twenties young woman! June will be the start of lots of new things: a new job at Konnect PR (whoop whoop) and I’ll be moving into a new apartment! 25 is going to be a year of transformation I’ve decided. I want to actually make the changes in my life I’ve been talking about for forever. Now’s the time for doing- not just talking. Cheers to 25!

[Bday dinner and drinks at Dos Caminos!]
[Bday dinner and drinks at Dos Caminos!]
[Blowing out a bday churro sundae!]
[Blowing out a bday churro sundae!]
[Bday celebration at Troy Liquor Bar in Meatpacking! Awesome place- not pretentious like most Meatpacking nightclubs… and there’s pool, yummy dranks and space to dance!]
[Pool hustling got pretty intense...]
[Pool hustling got pretty intense…]

[Poppin' bottlezzzzz]
[Poppin’ bottlezzzzz]
[Pre-bday celebration with my boys at The Heath!]
[Pre-bday celebration with my boys at The Heath!]
[Rooftop drinks overlooking Manhattan. Cheers!]

[All good nights, end with cake. HOLLER. Coconut lemon? Yes, please!]
[All good nights, end with cake. HOLLER. Coconut lemon? Yes, please!]

25 Things…

5 random facts

  1. I spent a year training in Florida at tennis academies my freshman year of high school- back in the day when my main goal was training to be a pro tennis player
  2. I’m terrible at ping-pong
  3. I have never had a traffic violation or have gotten any tickets! (knock on wood)
  4. I was home schooled from 7th grade up to college. Shocking, I know.
  5. I have had almost every “pet” animal you can imagine: hermit crabs, snakes, birds, hamsters (17 at one point,) a guinea pig, a dog, snails (my sister was an avid collector when we were young,) fish, a bearded dragon… what else am I missing?

5 long term ambitions/ goals

  1. Become the go-to professional in my chosen career path- public relations
  2. One day have enough money saved up to travel to one new country each year
  3. Be in a position to have fresh flowers weekly- one of the signs in my head that you’ve made it in life!
  4. Run a full marathon without dying
  5. Moved back to SF and married in 5 years

5 things I’ve learned

  1. Never buy fruit from the chain grocery store. I once *almost* paid $9 for grapes. FOR GRAPES. I said nope and returned them. It’s all about those fruit men in NYC (the fruit stands.) Amazing deals.
  2. Never commute to work in your heels. It’s dumb. And you’ll break your ankles. And- if you’re like me- you will smell up your nice work heels with foot stank.
  3. Never ever ever stop for those cons in NYC who complement your hair and ask you where you get it done… it’s a scam man. And their hair stylist are no good! NOT worth the “discounts.” And if you’re wondering- yes. Yes, I did learn this the hard way.
  4. Things never go exactly as planned- so roll with it! And don’t dwell on those unimportant things that didn’t go perfectly.
  5. You can’t change the past. As in accept what has happened, understand and comprehend the situation… and finally… MOVE ON.

5 things I want to improve

  1. Consistently live in the present. Seems easy, right? Well, let me tell you it’s the hardest thing I’ve tried to do!
  2. Be less critical of myself. I am the way I am and I can only evolve in to a better Chelsea one day at a time! Sh*tting on myself because I couldn’t keep it together one day, I didn’t plan for something no one could have foreseen, or calling myself fat after indulging on the exact foods I wanted does no one any good!
  3. Pray and read The Good Book more.
  4. Be less quick to anger. *I swear being in NYC has turned me in to a no-nonsense, get-at-me, “you-wanna-go?!” type of person… at least more so than I used to be… or was I always this confrontational? (*partial exaggeration)
  5. Say “like,” “actually” and “um” lots less.

5 jobs I’ve had since college

  1. Segment producer at Fox Business Network
  2. Financial Adviser at Merrill Lynch/ Bank of America
  3. Account Manager at Fresh Digital Group (a tech start up that didn’t pay me. F that.)
  4. Tennis Teaching Pro and Pro Shop manager at The River Club

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