NYC Spotlight | Quality Italian Steakhouse

Guys, I had the best steak ever. And I need to share.

Having dinner with my bf and his mom is always a treat in and of itself. While she’s in NYC on business it’s always nice to catch up! But having dinner at Quality Italian- with the two of them on Memorial Day- was even more fantastic because it was such a lovely experience and the food was just fantastic! The restaurant itself is very trendy, modern and classy. Moreover, I always love restaurants that have big, bright windows and Quality Italian has two walls of them!

I rarely dine at steakhouses and this one did not disappoint. For appetizers we split the homemade ricotta cheese. I was a bit skeptical. But man. It was so good- reminded me of the honey and butter toast I used to make for breakfast in grade school! The creamy silky smooth cheese was spread on a cutting board, drizzled with honey and pine nuts. My main course- my Tomahawk Ribsteak- was literally perfect! Meaty, fatty, tender perfection. And they made a fancy, delicious steak sauce table side! I’m a huge fan of meal preparation table side… I like seeing how things are made. Then I like to act like I could do it myself… yeah right. We also split the Artichoke Maccheroni side dish, which was basically mac and cheese, on steroids. Cheesy, gooey and creamy on the inside, crunchy on top and mixed in were solid bites of artichoke hearts. Ridiculous.

Main Course


For dessert we split three beautifully prepared sweet creations! I got the The Hazelnut S’more wuth Burnt Marshmellow Gelato. It was a cross between a super fancy version of the s’more mixed with a rich, dense chocolate tart. ❤ My bf opted for a classic- the tableside prepared cannoli! I def got excited when the Cannoli Cart rolled through- he ordered a cookies and cream one and they gave us an apple pie cannoli on the house. Creamy, crunchy and rich deliciousness! His mom got the Roasted Pistacchio Gelato with Olive Oil Cake and Pizelles. Of which I also indulged. It was all sooo good. I was stuffed… but obviously I wasn’t about to punk out on dessert. That’s like against all of my being. Although I couldn’t devour all of my food, rest assured, none went to waste!


Nick and I


11 thoughts on “NYC Spotlight | Quality Italian Steakhouse

      1. Cannoli Cart is my new favourite thing in life. I can’t stop staring at the food pictures. And that sounds great! I’ll give you a two day notice before I show up so we can both fast, and then eat everything…multiple times.

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      2. Oh me too! I don’t joke about anything involving food haha. The second I know I’m going to New York (whenever in my life that is), you’ll be the first to know! Then we can spend all our money.

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  1. OMG…I think I need to go back to NYC just for this steak. I’ll definitely tell my cousin, who lives there, about this place. On another note, thanks for sharing and I really love your style of writing! Keep it up!

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