Vacation Time in NYC with The Davis’

Hello hello! Apologies for so few posts lately- life has been non-stop these past weeks! This month has gone by so incredibly fast- between continuing to get acclimated to my new job and commute to organizing and decorating my new apartment- things have been busy! To top off all of the excitement- or stress, depending on the situation- my lovely family came to visit good ol’ NYC! While relaxing isn’t exactly the word I would use to best describe their visit, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. In fact, I would go so far as to say that if ‘relaxing’ was the word used to describe your visit to NYC- you probably did something wrong. Or your trip sucked.

There is so much to do, not enough time, a million people in your way, unpredictable weather threatening to alter your plans for the day, the subway chaos and just the general bustling NYC atmosphere that prevents you from truly taking it easy as you would on vacation in say… Hawaii. Or at least how I imagine Hawaii would be- I’ve never been! But these are all good things for my family: we love to do things. We love to experience new adventures, eat delicious foods at different restaurants and explore and venture throughout the city. We may get a bit heated from time to time, but hey, we’re family so that’s normal.

I get amped when my family comes to NYC. AMPED. A) I don’t get to see them nearly as much as I would like. B) I get to show off the fact that I actually know how to navigate NYC after 6 years (more or less). C) I’m at a point in my young NYC life that I have spots I know they’d love! So I make tentative itineraries, reservations and a list of things we could do and absolutely should do. Yay for making plans! The weather has been pretty whack lately- either muggy and hot or misty/ rainy and chilly- but luckily nothing that ruined our days together.

Family in NYC

Here’s a grand round up of the things we ended up loving in the city and stay tuned for more NYC Spotlights coming up 🙂

1) Jacobs Pickles. Definitely my favorite Upper West Side spot for dinner (or lunch or brunch.) Amazingly delicious- and rich- Southern food combined with a trendy, rustic, alive atmosphere makes for a solid place to start the night off! With tasty drinks- my current favorite is the Strawberry Jam Jar- lots of pickled everything, fresh biscuits, hearty dishes, you really can’t go wrong here!

2) Barney Greengrass. If you’re looking for a ridiculous Jewish-style brunch feast- you have to come here! Since 1908, this place has been serving up the finest smoked fishes. Bagels, fresh sturgeon, lox, sable, baked salmon… the quality was superb. The place definitely doesn’t look like it’s changed in the past 100 years, but the food is definitely worth it!

3) Green Gallow and The Heath at The Mckittrick Hotel. Green Gallow is one of my favorite rooftop bars- it’s just so gorgeous! It has a very green garden, summertime feel to it and the drinks are fantastic. Not to mention the gorgeous views of Manhattan. And The Heath is one of my favorite fun restaurant spots to take people! Live jazz music, a speakeasy atmosphere, excellent food, unique setting… it’s quite an experience!

June Family Trip

4)Battery Park. Strolling though Battery Park is lovely- even on an overcast day. Beautiful views of the water, The Statue of Liberty and really pretty landscaping makes this walk a nice little getaway from the craziness of the city.

5) Luzzo’s and Momofuku Milk Bar. Luzzo’s serves delicious Italian food in a very authentic, rustic setting, while Momofuku is just a few blocks away serving up ridiculously good, creative dessert concoctions. Cereal milk soft serve with a salty-sweet corn flake topping, anyone? Aka breakfast cereal on steroids. Oh and the crack pie is INSANE.

6) Abc Kitchen. Wow. This was one of the best dinners I’ve had in NYC and I’m so happy I got to take my parents here too 🙂 I made this reservation hella early- so I was about to be pissed if it was just ok. But Abc Kitchen definitely didn’t disappoint! The restaurant is fabulous- it has very trendy-yet-simplistic decor, and an amazingly pretty, open atmosphere. The food itself was fantastic and beautifully prepared. Can’t wait for an excuse to go back…

June Family Trip2

7) The Central Park Carousel. I’m so happy my mom suggested we take a ride on the carousel- it was so much fun, like we were little kids again 🙂 The carousel is definitely a gem of Central Park- one that I totally forgot was there.

8) Brooklyn Smorgasburg and the Artists and Fleas market. The Brooklyn Smorgasburg was soooo good!!! My family and I ate everything. Yep. Everything. Pork belly drizzled with maple syrup on a stick, Dough donuts, lumpia, pork belly tacos, duck confit, scallion pancakes filled with bbq pork… we ate lots of pork actually. But why not? Dare I say it’s the tastiest of the meats! We also check out all the super cool crafts and jewelry at the nearby Artists and Fleas market. So many unique creations there- really fun to check out 🙂

9) Cibo e Vino. Father’s Day brunch was perfect 🙂 Cocktails, omelets, pancakes, coffees, bacon- eating al fresco on Broadway with my parents and bf- it was the best way to start this day! The weather was warm and breezy, just the right temp for a meal out doors 🙂

June Family Trip3

10) Central Park rowing. Rowing on the lake in Central Park is one of my mom’s favorite things to do! Being in a rowboat, rowing around the iconic lake with my parents and bf, on the lookout for wildlife (turtles- duh,) on a beautiful day was the best- even despite at times feeling like we mayyy capsize.

11) Shake shack. A trip to NYC isn’t complete until you indulge at the only burger chain that rivals In-n-Out, Shake Shack!

June Family Trip4

Annnnddddd now I’m sad they’re gone. Vacations and spending quality time with the family are always so much fun. But, at least for me, it’s also sometimes the hardest time to stay in the present. Between all the good times and laughter you know, in the back of your head, it’s not going to last forever. There’s always a dreaded Monday morning around the corner. Of course you can say the very fact that everyday is NOT vacation, makes those days off special. Which, yes, it does. But still- if everyday was a vacation, I wouldn’t mind.


7 thoughts on “Vacation Time in NYC with The Davis’

  1. I love this list because it does not have a chain on it (other than Shake Shack which is now a minor chain player) and its local. I have always said if you visit NYC and you go to Olive Garden or Outback then you should be shot. Thanks for the culinary and cultural tour of Gotham!

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    1. Thanks! Glad you enjoyed the read 🙂 Yeah, my family and I love good food in NYC haha although I have nothin’ against Olive Garen- those bread sticks are pretty delish… and Shake Shack is just awesome too!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Momofuku is on my list for when I visit NYC. I’ve tried the Shake Shack location in Vegas and it’s pretty good. Quite frankly the only burger place that even comes close to In-N-Out (it’s still my fave though :P).


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