NYC Spotlight | Luzzo’s and Momofuku Milk Bar

If you find yourself in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, an unbeatable lunch/ diner combo is eating substantial-seriously Italian- food at Luzzo’s, then walking over to Momofuku for some seriously delicious and creative desserts! We had heard from a family friend that Luzzo’s had some solid, authentic Brick coal oven roasted pizza- and it definitely didn’t disappoint! We ordered the Martha pizza. It had thin crust- but not too thin or burnt- mozzarella, prosciutto, truffle pate and basil (no tomato sauce.)


The no tomato sauce usually isn’t a thing my parent’s go for, but this pizza was a huge exception. I’m gonna go ahead and say the truffle pate really set this pizza a part for me. And of course I freaking love cured meats! The decor was pretty cool too. Very rustic, quirky and pretty eclectic, yet old school Italian. There was some interesting upside down furniture on the ceiling (glad I wasn’t under it,) a wall of wines, exposed brick walls… I liked it! We also had a caesar salad and wine 🙂 It was a perfect light, tasty lunch!


Next, we took a short- but pretty toasty- walk over to our next destination: Momofuku’s Milk Bar! O.M.G. I love everything from this place. It was humid and hot out, so this was the perfect stop to get some treats to cool down. I got the cereal milk soft serve with the crunchy, salty-sweet corn flake topping. It tasted like the best bowl of cereal I’ve ever had. On steroids.


The soft serve was milky, tasted exactly like the milk after eating like… captain crunch. And it paired perfectly with the more intense sugary crunch of the topping. We got some of their yummy cookies… and of course their famed Crack Pie. The Crack Pie really couldn’t have been named more aptly. It’s like crack. Well, I’ve never done crack- but I imagine this pie is better than it! Next time I’m definitely going to plan on going to Momofuku Noodle Bar first (it’s next door,) then Momofuku Milk Bar. Maybe like a Momofuku date night. Yes. That sounds like an ideal dinner date plan!

Ice cream



4 thoughts on “NYC Spotlight | Luzzo’s and Momofuku Milk Bar

  1. The momofuku milk bar cookbook is one of my best purchases evaaah! Everything comes out amazing and she really explains why treats need certain ingredients etc… Just saying if you want to go on a baking spree!

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