Because, Reality.

So much of how you act, what you say or how you look is governed by society and societal norms, along with its spoken and unspoken rules. Even if you don’t realize it. Back in college and even before it, I couldn’t be bothered by most of the things that really irk me today. You could say I was a bit naive. But in retrospect, I think that lack of awareness of societal and worldly issues at the time, helped me stay focused on my more immediate goals. Like getting good grades, excelling in my tennis career, staying blissfully happy and as carefree as I could be while striving to reach my potential in the given areas I set out for myself to be successful in. Mainly tennis and school. I wasn’t bogged down by reality. 

Now that I’ve had time to grow as a young adult (that’s not to say I don’t still feel like a little kid from time to time,) I’ve become acutely aware of things in my present reality that I do not like, support, care to condone, or accept as things that “just are the way they’ve always been.” Aka: they can’t be changed. To take it a step further, I’ve taken a lot of time to figure out the whys of my opinions and the subsequent strong emotions I feel towards them. Which is super important to who I am. I’ve come to learn that having solid, and unwavering opinions, makes you stand out as who you are in a sea of everyone else. 

I wonder at times how much society influences what beliefs and opinions I vocalize. The Good Lord knows I was blessed with a big voice and lotsssss of strong view points. Although, I honestly didn’t realize it until recently. Like graduation recently. But when thinking about the big picture- my professional and personal life- I realize I simply can’t have such strong opinions about everything. Not because of a lack of opinions- no ma’am- but because fighting about every issue there is in today’s world will probably kill me!

As I grow into the type of person I hope to be, I need to choose my battles wisely. Getting super heated and pissed off about everything simply is not the way to effect change in this world. Not to mention, getting angry is never the way to get people to respect you or to clearly get your point across. Plus it’s unhealthy and negative. Defending my viewpoints intelligently and concisely- without yelling and getting aggressive- is something I’m striving to do as I mature.

All that being said, perhaps a personal blog isn’t the best way to convey how I feel about topics like the constant objectification of women in media, why society is totally cool with women’s naked bodies splayed on billboards, advertisements and in tv shows and movies while men remain covered up (I mean how often do you see a fully naked male? Like actually? I know Gone Girl had Ben Affleck’s full frontal shot… but did anyone actually see it? Not that I want to. But on principle, if have to see the women strip down, then why aren’t any of the dudes?) or blatant examples of sexism I see in my daily life (especially being in NYC.)

My hope is that as I grow and understand both myself and the world around me better, that when the opportunities pop up to voice how I feel about these issues and more, I will be continually more so be equipped with enough rationality, intellect, wit and eloquence to speak my mind. Concisely and calmly. One on one, with whoever that person is.  And at the end of the day, maybe that’s the best way to evoke change. One person at a time.


2 thoughts on “Because, Reality.

  1. Loved reading it. Whatever we do in our lives depends a lot on the choices we make which in turn depends on the society we live in.
    It is great to see that our generation is learning to question the norms which got expired years ago as well as those which are being formed by the pop culture. Questioning is the first step of being aware and thus, to think independently.
    A well thought post and I completely agree with its every line 🙂

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    1. Hey Prateek! Thanks for taking the time to write this out! I appreciate the feedback and am thrilled you agree with where I’m coming from 🙂 I’ve definitely been questioning a lot lately, and agree with you that that’s key to thinking more and more independently. Not just like everyone else. Cheers!


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