RIP… To My Best Tiny Homie, Whiskey

WhiskeyWhiskey Davis passed away today. He was an adorable, hyper, little eating machine. He was never seen without food in his mouth and stuffed in his cheeks. Here’s a list of things I’ll miss about my tiny roommate of cuteness:

  1. The way he would wobble around like a blind, mini, drunk ball of fur when he would first wake up
  2. How he would crawl up his looking tower so he could be picked up and played with
  3. Him running on his wheel keeping me awake at night
  4. Looking over to see him gnawing on the bars, asking for some attention
  5. The way he would eat his sunflower seeds
  6. The way he’d stuff food in to his cheeks
  7. The way he’d poke his head out of my cupped hands
  8. The way he’d crawl through his play tubes
  9. The way he’d occasionally bite my boy friend, making it clear who his favorite was
  10. His eagerness to greet me when I came in to my room

He was basically over 100, in hamster years. At least that’s my estimation.  It’s sad I won’t ball him up in my also small hands anymore. But he lived a full life- he was almost 2 years old!


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