The Berkshires 2015


I absolutely love getting out of NYC whenever I can! As such, I was pumped for weeks leading up to our crew’s Berkshires trip! Not being an East Coaster, I was pronouncing “Berkshires” like it was the sister city of The Shire in Lord of The Rings. Lolz. Anyways. I never went to summer camp growing up, but I’m assuming that this trip was what camp would have been like- only a million times better for some obvious reasons including: it’s just you and the homies spending time together, bonding and raging 🙂

The party started way before we got to the Berks. I usually dislike long car rides, especially since I’ve become prone to motion sickness, but the ride up was basically a moving hip hop/ rap dance party en rout to the beginning of a fabulous summer! Which was amazing. I miss driving. Once we arrived, I was thrilled to see how beautiful the cabin itself was (not to say I wasn’t expecting it!) Pretty big, but still very homey and smelled just like a cabin in the forrest should. I appreciated the cozy log cabin feel even more since it reminded me of one of my favorite places to vacation back home, Lake Tahoe. I love the fresh smell of the woods! And nature! YES! That’s how you know you’re not in NYC anymore. Things smell great. And you don’t feel trapped anymore… or is that just me?

We came prepared with lots of snacks!!! And drinks 🙂
No time wasted in getting the party started on the lovely and large patio/porch outdoors!

It was gorgeous out there. So scenic! And considering we were only there for the weekend, we packed in a lot of fun stuff. After our first night of shenanigans- which included a midnight walk through the pitch black road in the woods because who knows why- we woke up to a beautiful brunch on the patio. Eggs, bacon, cinnamon buns, all of us together and fresh air! The perfect way to start the day.


School spirit y’all

Berks11After, we made the trek down to the lake, took in the scenery, played some very competitive touch football and did some swimming, reading and relaxing 🙂 I’m the kind of person who can tan and lay by the ocean/beach/lake allll day. So after getting our hustle on on the field, chilling by the lake was ideal!

Berks13Berks12Later we decided to drive into town and do some go-karting and take some swings at the batting cages! I love go-karting- it got pretty competitive, not surprisingly. Basically I think of it like I’m in Mario Kart. High stakes! At the batting cages, on the other hand, I suck. And some how I managed to bruise my ankle. And wrist. For dinner we had an Italian feast! Huge pasta dishes, steaks, fish… and mini cannolis for dessert 🙂 Yum!

berks16berks21berks19The Berks is a beautiful place! I can’t wait to go back with everyone next time 🙂 Huge thanks to the nicest guy ever, Mike, for putting this all together and his awesome grandparents for trusting us with their cabin for the weekend!!! berks17


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