Life Snaps 7.19.15

PeachesSummers in NYC are amazing. All of the sudden I want to walk everywhere and soak up as much vitamin D as possible! It’s the best feeling to wake up early enough that you don’t feel like you wasted the day and stepping outside to feel the warmth of summer surround you! Along with roof top bars, tanning in Central Park, always feeling like it’s the right time for ice cream and froyo and wearing comfy, flirty dresses and flip-flops every wear, one of my favorite things to do on a weekend morning (that I don’t end up sleeping straight through) is to stroll through the farmer’s market in the Upper West Side! I love buying fresh fruits and veggies straight from the freshest source. Not to mention everything is so beautifully laid out! Fresh produce, beautiful flowers and succulents, hand made crafts, sweet baked goods… farmers’ markets are where it’s at.

[Vibrancy at it’s finest]
[Gorgeous tulips]
[Gorgeous tulips]
[Pretty strawberry gems]
Apple Cider Doughnut
[Fresh apple cider doughnuts]
[So many succulents to choose from]
[Peppers on peppers on peppers]
[Summer squashes]
[Some tanning and reading… and indulging in macaroons at Central Park <3]


4 thoughts on “Life Snaps 7.19.15

      1. The aim is for a summer visit for sure! I have good memories of ice skating in Central Park but I am by far a fan of the heat, especially when there is cold beer and good food involved!


      2. I’ve actually never ice skated in Central Park- maybe that’s something to look forward to this Winter! But I’m totally the same- good food, cold drinks (not a huge beer fan, but I like ciders and sweet mixed drinks) and sunshine is all I need to be happy!

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