Team Building in Sunny Los Angeles

LA1California Chelsea is happy Chelsea. Yes– I 100% prefer the Bay Area to anywhere in LA, but as much as I am a true NorCal girl at heart, LA is a gorgeous place that has beautiful beaches, pretty palm trees and good mexican food. Three things I love! Getting the chance to get out of NYC for several days– and beat the unbearable humidity and sweaty subway rides– was amazing.

I am so extremely happy and blessed to be a part of not only a fabulous company, but one that also has its roots in California! Maybe for other companies team building and training isn’t very exciting and is down right miserable. On the contrary, flying to LA both to get to know our other offices and lovely coworkers better and to learn more about working at Konnect PR in general, was the perfect combination of training, socializing, soaking up the sunny weather, pool/ beach partying and learning more about Public Relations as an industry. And it was awesome.






Cheers to the Konnect PR Team!

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