Ralph Lauren Children’s Fall 2015 Fashion Show

RL 1One of the great perks of working at a PR company, is the amazing opportunity to go to events! Events that in no circumstance– at least in the near future– would I ever be invited to. The classy people at Ralph Lauren certainly nailed it when they said that The Ralph Lauren Children’s Fall Fashion Show was, “a magical evening of adventure, fun and style” at the Central Park Zoo– it definitely was.

The collection was presented in partnership with the upcoming Pan film; meaning, the Central Park Zoo was basically transformed into a Neverland-themed playground. It was made complete with what I assumed were fancy male models dressed like pirates handing out goodies, like white wine for the adults, and blue tiki-looking drinks for the kids– and food! Does it get better than that? Unsure.

Everyone’s style was on point– as expected at such an event. All the Upper West/ East Side moms were looking like they were, in fact, the ones to walk the run way. The kids were so adorable. So trendy. Who knew you could pack so much spunk, attitude and elitism in to such mini sizes? All of them looked like well-to-do, little divas/ divos (what is the boy version of a diva? A hustla? Beyonce said that. So it must be true) of fashion. The collection was eclectic, yet super preppy, and still effortlessly cool thanks to the beanies, fingerless gloves, varsity jackets and accessories that included items like lacrosse sticks and skate boards.

The whole show was all very hip, but in a way that says, “I’m too cool for school, but I’m going to totally play it off as NBD.” And as if all the cuteness from the show wasn’t enough for you, Levi Miller, the star of the upcoming Pan movie, wrapped up the shebang by strutting down the runway– grinning ear to ear– while walking the cutest dog ever: a huge Newfoundland dog named Lucy. I also will say, Levi is super charming! There was a serious amount of cuteness happening the whole night.

This Fall collection is said to “celebrate a unique charm and spirit of adventure. What better way to share that spirit by bringing Neverland to life at the Central Park Zoo.” But actually– what better way is there?! I gotta give it to Ralph– he knows how to do a fashion show right. SEA LION FEEDINGS? GIANT FLOWER/ VINE LADIES? A live mermaid-wanna-be for picture opps? A KID-DJ WHO’S PROBABLY COOLER NOW THAN I’LL EVER BE? Tote bags? Swag? BAGS OF DYLAN’S CANDY BAR CANDY? Froyo? Cute appetizers? WINE? THE CENTRAL FREAKIN’ PARK ZOO AT NIGHT???? Oh man. It was great.



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