October Life Snaps

I love Instagram- it’s true and I fully admit it! I’m changing up my Life Snaps series a bit- instead of doing random weekly posts, I’ll now be posting monthly round ups of my favorite instas 🙂 October went by so fast– I didn’t even have the chance to go to a real pumpkin patch. Or get lost in a corn field! Ugh. City life. But there were a few highlights! As the beautiful Fall leaves continued to change colors, I managed to rage at homecoming, explore a rooftop urban garden, bake a whole lot of apple goodies, figure out my Halloween costume (always a very tough decision,) adventure in Greenpoint and go to a bridal shower! So, not a bad month at all.

Life Snaps

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10 thoughts on “October Life Snaps

  1. How about going to the Botanical Garden? I did end up going last week to Brooklyn Botanical garden and had a fabulous time! I missed the peak of flowers by about 5 days but still was beautiful.


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