The Radio City Christmas Spectacular | Starring the Rockettes

RockettesChristmas time in NYC is fantastic and after spending nearly 7 years here, it’s no surprise that NYC has some one-of-a-kind holiday traditions that can’t be beat elsewhere. One tradition is watching the long legged, hyper spirited and talented dance troupe, The Rockettes, showcased in Radio City’s Christmas Spectacular. The show has been kicking off the holiday season since 1933 and consistently delivers enthusiastic performances and heart-warming, though admittedly slightly cheesy (but hey, it’s Christmas!,) scenes about believing in Santa and the North Pole, gift giving and the spirit of Christmas.

The show is packed with unwavering holiday cheer and includes iconic performances such as the precise tap routine to “The 12 Days of Christmas,” a stuffed animal ballet Nutcracker scene- which includes the classic giant teddy bears and also my beloved pandas, and my favorite scene called “The Parade of the Wooden Solders.” This scene displays insane synchronization and ends with all the solders in line, only to slowly tip backwards individually, resulting in them all falling flat on to each other like dominos.


The Rockettes in "New York at Christmas" in the Radio City Chris

There are tons of Santa scenes and even a fun 3-D animation scene where he takes us on a wild ride in his sleigh giving us a thrilling view of NYC during Christmas time. One of my other favorite scenes is “The Living Nativity.” With live animals, including camels and sheep, gorgeous costumes and the Star of Bethlehem looming at the top of the scene, it’s a beautiful performance and reminds us of what Christmas is really about- the birth of Jesus Christ.



With all the glitter, singing and dancing, this is definitely the ultimate Christmas extravaganza to see this holiday season!

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