NYC Spotlight: Parm

ParmIf you’re craving out-of-this-world meatballs, look no further than Parm. Meatball parms are one of my favorite types of sandwich and this place does not disappoint! Parm is a super cute, diner-esk looking Italian-American eatery that serves classic dishes from baked ziti and rigatoni to fantastic parmigiana sandwiches (obviously) all served in red, plastic baskets. They also have a full-service bar and incredible ice cream cakes!

Once our tour of One World Trade was over, we came here starving. After we devoured our appetizers of crispy zucchini- which was surprisingly delicious- and a savory, warm mozzarella ball, we went on to the main event. I ordered the meatball parm on a sesame roll and it was awesome! Unlike normal meatballs, these are juicy, tender and perfectly seasoned. They’re made of veal, beef and sweet Italian sausage- which boosts their fantastic flavor to a whole new level. I also ordered a sweet Parma Colada cocktail from their list of tasty drinks. For dessert, we ordered the triple layer ice cream cake which was as yummy as it was adorable. With layers of pumpkin, marshmallow and gingerbread and smothered in cake crumbs, it was an icy treat big enough for the four of us!Parm5Parm1Parm3Parm4


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