Regusci Winery | Napa Valley


I’ve never taken a complete winery tour, so it was an awesome experience to do so at Regusci Winery– one of the oldest wineries in Napa Valley. Originally purchased as the Grigsby-Occidental Winery on the historic Regusci Ranch, it’s known as a “ghost winery.” This is a name given to wineries that date back to between 1860 and 1900. This beautiful destination is located in Stags Leap District and was established in 1878 on the 289 acre ranch. Back in the day it was known for farming staples such as corn, plums and nuts; in addition, the estate operated as a dairy and cattle ranch. Fast forward to 1996, Regusci Winery came to be and has since continued to produce fabulous wines in the Valley.

I absolutely loved walking through the pristine vineyards and grounds- it’s incredibly peaceful and refreshing to tour such a rich and pretty agricultural environment. Not to mention, they have two adorable yellow labs running around the vineyards that will melt your heart! On the grounds grows a luscious culinary garden filled with gorgeous fruits and veggies and bright citrus trees line the property. If you’re in the area, definitely check out this winery! Even if you’re not into wine (or perhaps you’re the designated driver) it’s a lovely destination to simply appreciate Napa Valley views and get some fun facts on the wine industry and California in general. If you are into wine- cheers!

Stay tuned for more posts on Napa Valley as I share with you my eating, drinking and touring experiences!

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