Dessert Alert | Magnolia Bakery

Credit: Magnolia Bakery

Magnolia Bakery
200 Columbus Ave, New York, NY 10023
(69th & Columbus Ave)

If you’re not familiar with this adorable bakery, there are several locations in NYC and each sells a beautiful assortment of handmade cookies, bars, cakes, cupcakes, puddings and more. With all its meticulously decorated sweets out on display, Magnolia Bakery is a lovely- and wonderful smelling- place to sit, relax and indulge. It’s basically a cute & cozy dessert heaven that makes you feel right at home. You can also see into the bakery kitchen to watch how the goodies are made, something that I’ve always like to do.

GO or NO?
Everyone knows about Magnolia Bakery’s famed pastel-frosted cupcakes of sugary glory, but if you haven’t tried its classic banana pudding, now is the time to go! While it’s easy to over look the pudding, and not realize the grave mistake of doing so, this banana pudding is the best on earth. Seriously. Even people who aren’t fans of bananas will love it! Recently, Magnolia Bakery introduced a chocolate version of the banana pudding. It is rich, creamy, chocolaty and not at all too banana-y, as some can be. The pudding is creamy, fluffy, indulgent and packed with chocolate cake wafers. Decadently superb! So, next time you find yourself here, don’t get distracted by the colorful frosting and sprinkles…. get that PUDDING!

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