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IMG_0345If you’re anything like most New Yorkers, getting around in the summer on hot, sticky subways is not ideal. Why not explore on foot? Discover the best cupcake and ice cream spots in the city with Sugartooth Tours, which is now (through the end of summer), offering two sugar-fueled walking tours of the city’s trendiest areas to explore.

There are new places popping up constantly all over New York City, so whether you’re a native or just here on vacation, try out all the latest sweet treats that you’ve seen blowing up your Instagram feed! With the options of either the Downtown Village to Village Cupcake Crawl and the Ice Cream Summer Sundays Frozen Treats Tour, you’re guaranteed to end the day full and satisfied with your day of dessert adventures.

This year’s Downtown Village Cupcake Crawl ventures through the East Village and West Village while eating cupcakes and even creating your own along the way. If you’re more of an ice cream person, the Ice Cream Summer Sundays tour features stops in Union Square, Little Italy, and Soho.

Since it’s the middle of summer, I opted for the ice cream tour — easy decision. After meeting up at Union Square with our lovely (and extremely knowledgable) tour guide, our group head to our first stop: Chloe’s Fruit.

This was perhaps the healthiest of everything I devoured that day. These fruit pops come in a variety of flavors that included the usual suspects (raspberry, mango, banana…). Using only “fruit, water, and a touch of organic cane sugar,” these pops were refreshing and light. I chose the strawberry pop, dipped in dark chocolate, and rolled in coconut flakes.

From there we hit up Sundaes and Cones which has a crazy variety of custardy, thick flavors that range from the unusual — think wasabi, corn, and lavender — to the classics like pistachio and cookie dough. My favorites happen to be the more unusual flavors: taro, black sesame, and avocado.

Next we had a nice sit-down ice cream sandwich break at Davey’s. I had two glorious, freshly baked chocolate chip cookies with speculoos chocolate chip ice cream sandwiched in between them, rolled in pretty sprinkles. The cookie was buttery, soft, and chewy on the outsides. Many split their desserts. I was not one of those people.

We then headed to the adorable Odd Fellows Ice Cream Co. for some scoops of innovative flavors. I chose the creamy, rich buttermilk honey blueberry. Buttery, fruity, and sweet — I loved it. Next time I’m definitely getting their famed, OddPockets, “a warmed-up version of an ice cream sandwich using brioche bread that’s stuffed with ice cream and toppings then heated on a panini press.” Holy moly.

As we made our way to Little Italy, we stopped at Rice to Riches. Yes, I know it’s not ice cream — but with flavors like hazelnut chocolate bear, key lime love letters, and play it again butter pecan, how can you really object? Sure, it’s not very visually appealing, but beauty is only skin deep! Plus, they have signs like “no skinny bitches” and “eat two rice puddings and a sensible dinner.” Everyone wins.

And our last stop was the little authentic Italian sweet shop just outside Little Italy, M’O IL Gelato. Despite being filled to the brim with ice cream (physically),  you can bet I finished my entire helping of creamy, refreshing coconut gelato.

The Downtown Village to Village Cupcake Crawl runs Saturdays at 3:00 p.m. starting June 11th, while the Ice Cream Summer Sundays Frozen Treats Tours runs Sundays at 1 p.m. now through August 28. For more info, click here.

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