NYC Spotlight | The One and Only Museum of Ice Cream at The Whitney

ice creamHonestly I’m surprised no one in New York City — home of all the absurd fashion trends, too-cool-for-school crowds, and every hyper-Instagramable culinary marvel around— thought of a Museum of Ice Cream sooner. I was ecstatic about my invite to check out the museum for myself, considering every single one of the 30,000 tickets sold out in five days.

The Museum of Ice Cream, a month long pop-up in The Whitney in Meatpacking District, is every sugar fiend’s dream. It’s no surprise that the exhibit dedicated to the wonderful world of everyone’s favorite summertime dessert is as visually appetizing as it is actually a delicious experience.
ice cream 2
If you’re planning on visiting, make sure you’re ready for the camera because aside from being one of the coolest (pun intended) experiences you’ll have this summer, it’s also obviously a treasure trove of Instagramable moments.

Among the VIP elite who got the inside scoop on the museum — we’re talking hipster bloggers (who I guess are famous? Not sure…), each with their own paparazzi crew snapping “candid” pics left and right… while they streamed their experiences on Facebook and Snapchat (of course) — was me! Here’s what beautifully imaginative sweet treats you can expect!

Within the first few steps into the museum, you’re welcomed with a bowl of creamy, indulgent ice cream, with flavors exclusively curated for the cream 12Further into the world’s cutest museum, you’re presented with oddly shaped, homemade, edible balloons made of a sticky sugary mix… that are filled with helium! Obviously I had to try one. I sounded like a sugar-stuffed, delirious chipmunk.IMG_1095
Each exhibit is interactive, essentially immersing you in ice cream heaven. And it being a museum, the pastel colored walls are covered in the delightful history of ice cream. Who knew George Washington was so obsessed that he spent over $200 in one summer (the equivalent of $5000 today) on ice cream?

You can also take part in helping to create the “The World’s Largest Ice Cream Sundae” by slam dunkin’ a scoop of never-melting “ice cream” in to a big gold bowl. One of these fine scoops is mine.
ice cream 11There’s a Willy Wonka-esk Chocolate Chamber room that literally smells like pure chocolate, complete with a chocolate fountain, a big “chocolate” bean bag chair for lounging, psychedelic chocolate swirl projections, all while you listen to the Willy Wonka theme song playing in the cream 7There’s this cool waffle cone light cream 5And of course, there’s the main event, the one and only life-sized pool filled with 11,000 lbs of rainbow sprinkles. It’s beautiful. That said they get e v e r y w h e r e. Seriously. Between the toes, in the undies, in your bra… The pool’s sprinkles, however, aren’t edible. But they do make for the ultimate photoshoot. It’s a thing of pure magic. The fact that the wall is lined with jars of Dylan’s candy just makes it that much sweeter.

ice cream 8There are walls of bright ice cream-themed art work, the kind of stuff I would totally decorate my room with. ice cream 9This room also gives you your “Willy Wonka” moment of woah. Pop a miracle berry candy (which temporarily allows you to taste sour things as sweet) and enjoy a pink ice cream cone topped with juicy lemon slices, that now taste like sweet cream 6Finally, you arrive at the Tinder-sponsored room where you can yet again have a little photoshoot with the ice cream sandwich swing, the sprinkles “selfie wall,” and an ice cream scoop cream 4Now who’s going to create a bacon museum? Anyone?



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