NYC Spotlight: The One and Only Museum of Ice Cream at The Whitney

ice creamHow no one thought of opening a Museum of Ice Cream before this is beyond me. This hyper-Instagramable, dessert lover’s dream will be open for just one month at The Whitney in the Meatpacking District. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that this exhibit dedicated to America’s favorite summertime treat it as visually outrageous as it is truly a tasty experience! Here are a few highlights from my visit to the most indulgently delightful museum ever!

You’re welcomed into the museum with—you guessed it—a bowl of ice cream goodness with unique flavors specifically curated for the museum by NYC favorites like Odd Fellows, Chinatown Ice Cream Factory and Black Tap.

ice cream 12IMG_1095ice cream 2

As you make your way into the exhibit, you see an edible balloon station where guests are handed strangely shaped, sugary balloons to eat. Filled with helium, I took a “bite” and sucked in just a bit of the helium… I immediately sounded like a sugar-crazed hamster!

ice cream 7The entire museum is a treasure trove of innovative experiences, each one as cool (pun intended!) as the next. This ice cream heaven is immersive, interactive and actually educational. It is a museum, after all. The writing on the pretty pastel walls tell the delicious history of ice cream. For example, did you know George Washington was so obsessed that he spent more than $200 in one summer (the equivalent of $5,000 today) on ice cream?

Other fun activities include helping to create “The World’s Largest Ice Cream Sundae” by scooping up some of its never-melting “ice cream” in to a big gold bowl.

ice cream 11

Then there’s the dreamy Willy Wonka-esque Chocolate Chamber room which literally smells like pure chocolate. Think: chocolate fountain, a big “chocolate” bean bag chair for lounging, psychedelic chocolate swirl projections and of course, you have the Willy Wonka theme song playing in the background.

ice cream 5

My favorite part? The sprinkle pool of course! This one-of-a-kind magical pool is filled with 11,000 pounds of rainbow sprinkles. It’s a thing of beauty! Downside? The sprinkles aren’t real. In fact, they’re plastic and get everywhere. And I mean everywhere. That said, it’s totally worth it for the adorbz pictures you’re likely to get out of it! And did I mention, the wall alongside this life-sized pool of sprinkles is lined with jars of all the Dylan’s candy that you can eat? Because it is!

ice cream 8ice cream 9As you approach the end *sigh* you invited to pop a miracle berry candy (a candy pill that temporarily allows you to taste sour things as sweet) and enjoy a pink ice cream cone topped with juicy lemon slices that now taste like sweet lemonade.

ice cream 6ice cream 4 Anyone else feel like ice cream now?


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