Cocktails | Lemon-Aid Your Libations to Perfection

dropbearcocktail (1)
All you need is a little citrus to boost the flavor of any drink, whether boozy or not. {Credit: Four Pillars}

When life gives you lemons, say thank you, because from those lemons come these sweet and (slightly) sour, thirst-quenching, and oh-so-summertime-perfect libations! Boozy, caffeinated, fruity, tart, or simply refreshing, here are five beverages that take plain old lemonade to new levels of delicious (both alcoholic and not)!

Oiji NYC’s The Flying Nun
Tea fans will love this calming, tart, bubbly refreshment. The innovative use of fragrant chamomile will sooth your taste buds and — lucky for you — this libation is non-alcoholic, so have as many as you want!

{Credit: Oiji NYC}

Click here for this recipe.

Angry Orchard’s Angry Honey Bee

Cider lovers rejoice! This beverage is perfect for when you want to change up your normal cider consumption by mixing the crisp drink with some fruity flavors and tartness from the lemon juice.

{Credit: Angry Orchard}

Click here for this recipe.

Is Lemonade Coffee a Trend to Jump On?
Yes, it sounds bizarre, but one of the newest trends in iced coffee is, the coffee lemonade. Similar to an Arnold Palmer, except without the iced tea, this unusual drink combines citrus and caffeine, for a bold and refreshing taste.

{Credit: Pixabay}

Click here for this recipe.

Four Pillars’ Sub Continental
The intense fragrance of curry leaf combined with fresh lemon juice and the full-bodied spice from the gin makes for a unique, revitalizing summer cocktail.

{Credit: Rick Liston}

Click here for this recipe.

Sparkling Ice’s Lemon Lavender Cocktail
Instead of gulping down cocktails loaded with sugar, treat yourself to a bubbly, fresh, and healthier sip. With floral lavender notes and a tart sweetness from the lemon, this beverage is perfect for a hot day.

{Credit: Sparkling Ice/ Brittany Wright}

 Click here for this recipe.

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