Rest + Relaxation at Palos Verdes’ Stunning Terannea Resort

IMG_4033Pharrell was spotted at this Mediterranean-inspired resort the night before I checked in. So. With that said, if you’re looking to experience the California Coast like never before, check out Terranea Resort. Situated atop Los Angeles’ Palos Verdes Peninsula, this picturesque luxury hotel offers over 75 acres of private, untouched peninsula, enabling guests to fully take in the pristine, natural landscape.IMG_4219IMG_3993TR1IMG_3983TR

The panoramic views at Terranea are absolutely stunning. You literally can’t ask for a more ideal place to wake up. It is so incredibly peaceful! Rugged cliffs, a bright, sparkling ocean, clear blue skies, plenty of palm trees and coastal vegetation make for a tranquil and inspiring atmosphere in which to take a deep breath, relax and pretend problems don’t exist.

Terranea takes the environment seriously and does all it can to protect and highlight the natural beauty of the Palos Verdes Peninsula. While I could be happy tanning by the seaside all day, lovers of the outdoors can also choose to explore the resort’s hiking and bird-watching footpaths along the scenic Discovery Trail or take an educational tour highlighting the property’s ecology and rare flora and fauna. Though I only spotted dolphins and a few sea lions (which I loved!), be sure to keep an eye out for whales, which are frequently spotted too!


Little known fact: even if you’re not a guest at the hotel, you can spend the day at Terranea’s Cove Beach (and pretend like you are!). Aside from the obvious reasons to spend the day here—the rocky shoreline, views of the grassy cliffs in the distance and miles of hiking trails—a major highlight of this beach is the large sea cave that is accessible during low tide.IMG_4339IMG_4226IMG_4894

Unsure what to do with your beach day? Chat with one of Terranea’s super chill adventure concierges, who’ll guide you on excursions such as horseback rides, paddle boarding, ocean kayaking (alongside otters!), tide-pool explorations and even the chance to get up close and personal with falcons, Harris hawks and Eurasian eagle owls. I opted for an exhilarating kayak ride which gave me an up close and personal experience with the sea life living within the tall kelp beds on the coastal waters. IMG_4869IMG_4069IMG_4064Another unique aspect of Terranea is its outstanding farm-to-table culinary program that showcases the property’s natural surroundings, as well as the agricultural treasures that grow on the property. Lemon trees, honey-filled beehives, seasonal produce such as bell peppers and tomatoes, herbs, and avocado trees are grown on its continually expanding organic farmland at the nearby Catalina View Gardens. Not to mention, the resort also boasts an innovative sea salt conservatory allowing them to harvest their own sea salt straight from the source: the Pacific Ocean.

It goes without saying that the sunsets were insane. Makes me wonder why I ever thought leaving California was a good idea…

For more info on my stay, including details on the resort’s life-changing spa treatments, click here. For my foodies, check out my piece on Terranea’s culinary program with insight from executive chef Bernard Ibarra.


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