5 Reasons to Love the Jord “Cora” Wooden Watch

Who doesn’t love a brand new accessory that effortlessly makes every outfit chicer? I just received my Jord “Cora” Wood Watch and it does just that: instantly steps up my fashion game. I’m absolutely in love with it! Aside from the fact that it comes shipped in a well-crafted wooden box perfect for storing your pretty new watch, here are five reasons I love it (I think you will too!).


The Jord “Cora” watch comes in three different colors: zebrawood and turquoise, zebra wood and rosé and koa and rose gold. I decided to get the turquoise “Cora” wooden watch which has a brilliant, cool turquoise face that compliments the warm-toned, zebrawood frame. The wood, which originates from West Africa, offers pronounced growth rings and a naturally striking grain contrast that balances the elegant design of the watch face. My favorite style element? The glistening Swarovski crystal markers that sparkle against the luminescent turquoise face. I’m also obsessed with the watch’s delicate gold accents.


The Jord “Cora” watch is a self-winding timepiece, meaning you don’t have to worry about batteries. The watch displays hours, minutes and seconds. Moreover, it uses sapphire glass which is known in the luxury watch world as a durable, transparent and extremely damage-resistant material. To give you a better idea, it’s only second to diamond as the hardest and most scratch resistant material on earth. And if you find yourself underwater, no problem. This watch can resist water damage up to 30 meters deep.


Jord watches are custom fit, and as such, mine fits perfectly! If that’s not the case for you, extra links are included in the box. You might think because it’s a wooden watch that it would be heavy and clunky. However, it’s actually lightweight and expertly crafted allowing for total comfort when you’re wearing it.


A super cool feature of this watch? The back of the watch is clear so you can see the inner mechanisms of the handcrafted time piece. For those looking for a classy, fashion-forward gift to send, you can also have this watch engraved with an inside joke or heartfelt quote… depending on the occasion, of course. Or if you really want to get some personalized gifts you can get the wooden box itself engraved with anything you want. Like maybe how the two of you met or a funny story that’s only funny to guys. Jord has both men’s watches and women’s watches.


Overall, the Jord “Cora” watch is simply stunning and unique. Whether alone or paired with layered bracelets or delicate rings, it transforms a look from “alright” to “wow this girl looks put together af!” And at the end of the day, don’t we all just want to look cool with minimal to zero effort? I sure do! Honesty, I haven’t worn a watch consistently since my very first Baby-G sky blue watch (anyone remember those?). That’s definitely changing now that I have this lovely timepiece!

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Note: This is a part of a sponsored campaign with Jord wood watches. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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