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With Halloween behind us, it’s officially holiday, gifting and entertaining season! The holidays certainly bring out the best of times, but with it, stress can sometimes creep in—especially if you’re playing host. While I do love hosting, making sure everyone’s happy and filled with holiday spirit can get a bit exhausting! That said, having the perfect mix of delicious salty and sweet snacks; homemade or like-homemade treats; good wine and your favorite people makes throwing a memorable get together simple enough!

Let Babbleboxx help you make entertaining this holiday season easy.

I teamed up with BabbleBoxx (once again!) to help show you what products make holiday entertaining easy and enjoyable no matter what you’re celebrating!

Friendsgiving: The Official Guide to Hosting, Roasting, and Celebrating with Friends

Who doesn’t love the show, Friends? Whether you’re the Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Chandler, Joey or Ross of the friend group, this series is relatable to everyone. What better tv sitcom is there to help you craft your own at-home holiday party, Thanksgiving feast or festive get together than Friends? I absolutely love the book, Friendsgiving: The Official Guide to Hosting, Roasting, and Celebrating with Friends. It’s my go-to whenever I’m in need for some entertaining inspiration.

The guide is all things Friends. From recipes inspired by specific episodes like, Monica’s Apple Crumble; Rachel’s Thanksgiving Trifle; or Phoebe’s Rouge Eggplant Appetizer; to Friend’s-style entertaining tips like how to master the ultimate Friendsgiving playlist and DIY party decorations; to the best group activities like Pin the Tail on Ugly Naked Guy, this book has it all.

Reading through it is like re-watching the series all over again. It’s seriously the best hosting book if you’re a fan of the show! Pictures, quotes, memorable moments and more make getting in to the hosting spirit super easy! Best part is the festivities don’t have to be just during the winter holidays, but rather whenever you’re celebrating good times with your closest friends and family!

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Rodney Strong Wines

Any classy holiday party needs good wine. Simple as that! You can’t go wrong with having a bottle of both white and red for your guests. One of my go-tos for entertaining is Rodney Strong Wines. This Sonoma winery is family-owned and based in Healdsburg, California. This winery was founded in 1959 by wine pioneer Rodney Strong and focuses specifically on Sonoma County grape growing and wines, so you know it’s good.

For the red, I went with the 2018 Rodney Strong Sonoma County Cabernet. It’s rich with dark cherry, plum and baking spices and perfect when paired with dishes like grilled steak, rack of lamb or grilled winter vegetables. And for the white? I picked up the 2019 Rodney Strong California Chardonnay which offers aromas of lemon curd and apple with hints of toasty oak and baking spices. This wine is delicious with dishes like grilled asparagus, seared tuna with a mango-avocado salsa or a simple apple and brie grilled cheese.

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Dorot Gardens

Dorot Garden products are true cooking and seasoning game changers! They are pre-portioned herbs, garlic and onions ready to be simmered, sautéed, cooked or simply added to any cooking meal. It’s the ultimate cooking hack! There’s nothing I hate more than having to peel and chop garlic and onions in the kitchen. With these ready-to-go products, there’s no hassle, tears or having my fingers smelling like garlic and onion for the rest of the day. Using these products, especially on busy cooking and entertaining days, saves me so much time!

Usually, I would worry about freshness when it comes to pre-packaged cooking products. But with Dorot Gardens, their veggies and herbs are picked at peak freshness and flash frozen in their super convenient trays within 90 minutes of harvest. One Dorot Garden garlic cube is the equivalent of one garlic clove, while one tray of onions is the equivalent of three chopped onions. This brand currently offers crushed ginger; chopped basil; sautéed onions; crushed turmeric; chopped parsley; chopped cilantro; and crushed garlic chopped dill.

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Dewey’s Cookies

These cookies are perfect for entertaining! They’re festive, delicious and are great on their own or served with coffee and tea. Dewey’s Bakery first opened in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 1930 and to this day are made with 100% real ingredients, (no artificial anything!, using centuries-old recipes. I am obsessed with the thin and crunchy texture! And the aroma is just as if they were freshly baked, right before your eyes.

For the holidays, I get one of the Sugar Moravian Cookie tins and one of the Ginger Spice Moravian Cookie tins. I love the classic sugar cookie with its rich, sweet vanilla taste. And of course, I can’t help but also love the traditional ginger spice cookie with its distinct brown sugar and spice flavors. Cloves, ginger, cinnamon and allspice are used within this traditional recipe that’s been past down from the European kingdom of Moravia.

Be sure to use the code “DEWEYS10″ for 10% off site wide Valid November 10th- December 10th!

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Frank’s Red Hot Almonds

If you don’t know about Frank’s RedHot sauce, you need to find out! Frank’s has been around since 1920 and is one of my favorite hot sauces to put on everything! This year they introduced their RedHot almonds and I couldn’t be more excited. Almonds are usually my go-to healthy snack. Now that I can eat them while also enjoying the satisfying heat of Frank’s RedHot I’ll be eating even more almonds! It’s an ideal snack for game day, parties and every day snacking.

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