Meet Chelsea

IMG_6663My name is Chelsea- aka Chey Chey- and welcome to Chey Chey from the Bay. I’m currently a New York City transplant hailing from my favorite city, San Francisco. Cliche though true, home is where my heart is. That being said, I have the unique opportunity to live my unpredictable and frequently entertaining young life in one of the other greatest cities in the world — NYC. And that’s an amazing thing. Bringing a fresh and unique perspective on bi-coastal lifestyle, food, events, and travel — welcome to my blog.

The mission of Chey Chey From The Bay is to connect lovers of life through the exploration of new places and fantastic dining.chelsea5

{Favorite things}
God + family + friends, tennis and hiking, brunch at all hours of the day, searching for a NYC burrito that rivals that of SF’s, mochi, Dorritos, amuse bouche, tasty treats in general, baking, writing, perusing specialty shops, succulent plants, freshly made beds, travel, all things San Francisco, Red Pandas and millennial feminism.


39 thoughts on “Meet Chelsea

  1. I meant to comment yesterday but I guess I didn’t…you have one of the best “About Me” pages I’ve ever seen, for the simple fact that no one ever knows what to right on them whereas you just jump right in and lay everything out as if it’s easy. Also the mini introduction on the home page is a nice touch!

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    1. Aw thanks man! That actually means a lot… About Me pages are weird to write- I feel that it’s hard not to make it seem forced. It’s like, how do you give a solid one sided, blind first impression? And since I wasn’t sure what to write, I literally just asked myself questions and wrote out my responses. But, I appreciate the complements! 🙂

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      1. You’re welcome! I’ve edited my About Me page too many times to count. It’s awkward just devoting a page to bragging about myself without gaging how the person reading it is reacting, especially if they’ve never been to my site before. But you’ve definitely set the bar high!

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      2. Agreed! I just started blogging-ish, so I’m sure I’ll be editing my about me page a lot too…. hopefully in the job/ career/ passion description part lol Ugh job hunting sucks! But thanks so much- I’m glad my first draft is a winner hah

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      3. Job hunting is the worst. Talking about it is equally bad. I just avoid the whole thing haha. By the way, I was nominated for 2 (fake) blogger awards today and part of it is I have to nominate a bunch of other blogs for the award too. Heads up, I’m nominating you! So lookout for that post later today!

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      4. YAY! Fake or not, I happily accept all awards 🙂 Although I’ll probs just accept one, I think taking both may be a bit greedy… also that’s a lot of fun facts I need to come up with and I’m not thattttt interesting haha I have one other award post I need to make… I would nominate you, but it’s a sisterhood of the world blogger award. And you’re a boy. Sorry man! But thanks again for the nomination(s) 🙂

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      5. No joke that post took me over two hours to write. Mainly because I couldn’t think of facts about me. Wow, yeah I don’t fit the criteria for that award. Thanks for sparing me some embarrassment!

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  2. Hi Chelsea I must say reading your blog is like a breeze of fresh air in the blogging world. I am glad I found your blog and am happily following you looking forward to reading some more of your posts. =)

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