CCC | Corridor Cafe

Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte
No time to eat a sweet bowl of cereal? Then do the next best thing and get a milk-infused latte. {Corridor Cafe}

Along with my personal favorites, which include Cap’n Crunch (with Crunch Berries), Fruit Loops, and Cocoa Pebbles,Cinnamon Toast Crunch holds a special place in my heart as one of the cereals I most indulged in as a kid, and even now as an adult. That said, I was quite excited when I heard about the recently opened Corridor Cafe’s newest sweet, nostalgic sip: the Cinnamon Toast Crunch Latte.

With a cereal-infused milk, a new spin on concoction that Momofuku Milk Bar’s Christina Tosi made famous, and Lamill Coffee, this latte is a caffeinated treat for those craving the taste of their favorite breakfast cereal. Also in the works is the upcoming milk infusion ― a Huckleberry Coffee Cake Milk ― which will also be used to add an innovative flavor profile to Corridor Cafe’s oatmeal.

Other coffee beverages that sound delicious are the Crème Brûlée Latte, the Salted Caramel Latte, as well as the iced house-made 18-hour Cold Brew, and Iced Mocha made with Valrhona chocolate.

This San Francisco cafe has an eclectic selection of flavored milk infusions, milk teas, and refreshing (non-alcoholic) tea cocktails. Creamy milk tea flavors featured are Masala chai and classic Hong Kong. For those in the mood for something more on the light and fresh side can opt for any of Corridor Cafe’s organic tea creations. Guest can chose from flavors that include St. Tropez, made with green tea, and mango and pomegranate notes; Mr. Woods, made with fresh-squeezed lemonade and plumberry black tea; and the green tea mojito, made with mint, lime, green tea, and sparkling water.

Unique breakfast bites are also offered on-the-go. Items such as the “Mimosa-style” yogurt parfait made with vanilla and Champagne yogurt, citrus, and house-made honey granola; and the Corridor savory ‘cruffin’ (croissant/ muffin hybrid) made with Cheddar, prosciutto, and chives, are solid choices to treat yourself in the a.m.

Outside-the-box pastries such as a blueberry muffin top and cinnamon-apple streusel cake baked by pastry chef Tara Lewis in-house and are available all day. Also offered is a selection of baked goods by Oakland-based Firebrand that includes a morning bun with cinnamon, sugar and cream cheese frosting; goat cheese pretzel; blackberry danish; and ginger-molasses bars.

Next time you need to grab breakfast and feel like changing up your routine (or creating a new one), head to the Van Ness Corridor, right by City Hall and the opera house.

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Dessert Alert | Mission Pie

This inviting and caring neighborhood bakery turns out heavenly pies like none other. {Mission Pie}

This inviting and caring neighborhood bakery turns out heavenly pies like none otherYou’d be hard pressed to find an establishment that stays truer to its core values than Mission Pie, the pie heaven located in the sunny Mission District of San Francisco. Since 2007, this charming spot has been baking up a glorious selection of pies, muffins, galettes, quiches, 7-grain cereals, pot pies, and soup and salads, for those trying to eat a bit healthier. They also offer coffees and teas to accompany your baked goods. In addition, they sell local artisanal products like jam and honey to take home.

Each freshly baked pie consists of a flakey and handmade pastry and ripe, naturally sweet fruits, all chosen based off of what’s in season.  The crust — which is more akin to a croissant, than a traditional crust — is made of pure butter, 1/3 white and 2/3 wheat pastry flour, and rolled by hand. Flavors include apple raspberry, shaker lemon, rhubarb chess, pear blueberry, and banana cream, and these are just a few flavors currently in season. These slices are insanely delicious with a dollop of ice cream or whipped cream (or if you’re me, with both).

Mission Pie’s goodies are made with the best ingredients out there and are locally sourced from farms and produce distributors in the area. It’s a green-certified bakery and it even has an adorable communal sidewalk garden its staff and the surrounding neighbors tend to. Another thing that’s awesome about this welcoming eatery is that the decoration featured is actually created by community artists.

With its cozy and inviting atmosphere, vibrant flower vases, ornate yellow wallpaper, an incredible just- baked pie aroma, and genuinely friendly staff, this is dessert spot is one of my favorites in San Francisco.

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CCC | Suppenküche’s Biergarten

Beer, bratwurst, and friendship and come together at this Hayes Valley gem. {Credit: Yelp/ Jeanne C.}

Though San Francisco isn’t known for blazing hot summers, there’s never really a “bad” time to enjoy fresh air, delicious food, and drinks with good company, right? Unless perhaps it’s snowing outside, but luckily for San Franciscans, it never snows here. Those who don’t frequent Hayes Valley often may not know about this neighborhood jewel — I’m shocked I didn’t; but with warmer weather comes the desire to be out and about, and that’s when I discovered Suppenküche’s Biergarten.

The Biergarten is located on a vacant, concrete lot that was converted into rentable space in the form of shipping containers, as a part of Hayes Valley’s Proxy Project. The project, which was originally a temporary collaboration between the city and Envelope Architecture+Design, was conceived out of the idea that San Francisco can either squander opportunities for positive growth, or transform this desolate location into a new, revenue-making area for some of the city’s best eateries, artists, and retailers. Five years later, the gang of shipping container shops — now known in the area known as Proxy — has been granted another five years in business, until 2021.

The 100-seat open-air Biergarten is a charming, Bavarian style, neighborhood beer garden, which is an extension of its parent restaurant,Suppenküche. Suppenküche is a friendly and welcoming German restaurant, whose specialty is Bavarian cooking. Known for its traditional German fare, this cozy eatery emphasizes camaraderie and is one of the first places in San Francisco to offer communal seating. With hearty food that includes sautéed pork loins, braised beef, and, of course, authentic bratwurst mit sauerkraut (pork sausage with sauerkraut), it’s hard not to stuff your face. And, obviously, Suppenküche has an enormous beer (and wine) list featuring a variety of top-notch German, Austrian, and Belgian Beers I cannot pronounce.

The vibrant, lively, and bustling beer garden has communal tables, like Suppenküche, sun umbrellas, illuminated tea lights, and blankets for chilly nights. The ambiance is unbeatable on a warm, San Francisco day — or night. The food goes amazingly well with the extensive list of beers, wines, and ciders it offers. Snack bites include freshly baked, soft pretzels; pickled vegetables (including dill pickles); and bright, fuchsia-colored, pickled deviled eggs. The Biergarten also features a mouthwatering, half-pound, and grass-fed beef burger that’s dressed with a new set of toppings daily. Also available are pork belly sliders and the Gnomeburger, a mini-burger with avocado and a garlic herb aïoli.IMG_5579There’s also a selection of buttered pretzel sandwiches that include the Guest Knot, made with crispy prosciutto and aged Cheddar, and the salty/ sweet Banana Knot, made with banana, house-made hazelnut butter, and local honey. The star of my beer garden visit was the bratwurst with curry-roasted potatoes. The bratwurst is outstanding in flavor and the curry potatoes serve as an unexpectedly delicious and mouth-cooling side. The Biergarten also features the currywurst and bratdog, which is bratwurst with house made curry ketchup and the other with house-made kraut, respectively.

The Biergarten serves a rotating selection of the best beers out there, from breweries around the world. Moreover, they offer hard ciders — a personal favorite — and an Australian white wine, one red, and daily surprise additions. Beers come in huge mugs, in liter or half-liter sizes, and are perfect for quenching your thirst alongside your savory selections of German fare.

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CCC | The Spice Jar

spice jar
Chef Ryuichi Hamada bring the home-cooked flavors from across Asia into his inviting, eclectic, and lively neighborhood eatery. {Credit: Yelp/ Geraldine R.}

As a general rule of thumb, I do my best to avoid dining at restaurants that have more than one cuisine going on. You know the type I’m talking about — the confused restaurant that can’t seem to figure out what they cook best and end up having sections for burgers and Chinese food, while also claiming it has the best doughnuts in the city. Then my family took me to the cozy, welcoming, and surprisingly affordable restaurant, The Spice Jar, which turned out to be the exception to the rule.

While every heritage has its own version of comfort food, so does every family, and even every individual. This concept is embodied in the menu at the still fairly new eatery (it’s not yet one year old). This Pan-Asian eatery prides itself on successfully incorporating the best flavors, ingredients, and of course, spices, of comfort food from across Asia, into its own interpretations of family-style comfort food. Owner and chef, Ryuichi Hamada’s menu takes common dishes and reinvents them with an unexpected, though delightful, deviation from the norm.

Starters range from traditional steamed dumplings and refreshing chicken lettuce cups to more creative small plates such as the seafood cast iron fondue, which features a mix of seafood and black olives in an olive oil fondue. A personal favorite is the super fresh albacore carpaccio, which comes with chopped jalapeños in a house-made spicy ponzu sauce. For those looking for a heartier appetizer, definitely get the bone-in braised spare rib bao — the meat falls right off the bone, perfect for wrapping within the warm, soft bao bun. The Spice Jar also offers inspired salads like the crispy calamari salad with vermicelli and a red curry honey dressing.

Those of you that are of Asian descent — I’m half Filipino myself — know that no proper meal can be complete without noodles and/ or rice! At The Spice Jar, offerings range from the Vietnamese chicken noodle soup (Pho Ga), to the savory ramen selections that include the tonkotsu-shoyu ramen, that features tender braised spare rib meat in a rich, silky broth, and the spicy sesame miso ramen that features ground chicken. It also serves coconut-based soups such as the Laksa, a curry broth with seafood and noodles, and the seafood Zen noodle soup with basil.

Furthermore, chef Hamada’s fried rice dishes are incredibly delicious, especially when paired with other courses. My favorite is the egg, spinach, and garlic fried rice, but it also has its own version of combination fried rice with chicken and shrimp. Bigger main dishes accommodate any palate, whether you’re craving a warming green curry or more carnivorous meals like the “Mongorian” beef, chick or lamb, or the hanger steak mushu wraps with a Korean BBQ influence. Also available are the vegetarian options of the lightly spice-crusted salmon atop a bed of brown rice and the tofu Portobello steak.

Next time you’re near the corner of 23rd and Bryant, stop by The Spice Jar for an eclectic and lively atmosphere, and its locally sourced, Asian-inspired, comfort-food filled menu.

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CCC | Dandelion Factory & Cafe

This dedicated chocolatier meticulously ensures that its entire chocolate making process is handled thoughtfully and with care. {Credit: FB/ Dandelion Chocolate}

San Francisco’s Dandelion Chocolate  turns merely eating chocolate, into an indulgent, insightful, and thoughtful experience. Located on the trendy Valencia St., this unique destination offers much more than your average chocolate purveyor. At the core of Dandelion is the belief that the best chocolate can only come from the best beans. Makes sense, right? The artisanal chocolatier sources its beans from the world’s highest quality producers from locations that include Kokoa Kamili, Tanzania; and Maya Mountain, Belize.

At the Dandelion Factory and Café (and online), you can read extensively about each bean it uses to produce its chocolate. Knowing facts like what region the beans come from, the fermentation style, and tasting notes make eating its chocolate an even more delightful experience. Since Dandelion only uses two ingredients in its chocolate — cocoa beans and organic cane sugar — every step of the chocolate making process is important.

As one of the coolest places to satisfy your sweet tooth, Dandelion has a café full of pastries made in-house by Executive Pastry Chef Lisa Vega, a nice list of inventive chocolaty drinks, and has its entire chocolate factory on display for its patrons. I could sit there watching the chocolate-makers transform solid cocoa beans into pure, decadent chocolate all day! Dandelion’s chocolatiers execute everything from the roasting and grinding of the beans to the tempering and hand-molding of the finished bars; it’s pretty interesting to follow along.

With an inviting atmosphere provided by the delicious chocolate aroma, exposed brick walls, unfinished wooden beams, and general happiness from both the chocolate-makers and eaters, Dandelion is unparalleled in the bean-to-bar chocolate game. The menu has a topnotch drink menu, with sections that include hot chocolates , such as the spicy Mission hot cocoa, and the thick, rich European drinking chocolate; and cold chocolates such as the decadent frozen hot chocolate, the Nibby Horchata made with almonds and hazelnuts, and the unique cacao fruit smoothie — made from the actual fruit of the cacao tree. Lastly, it has a solid list of mochas that include a frozen and spicy variation of the chocolaty coffee treat.

One of my favorite things about Dandelion is that it always has a variety of chocolate bar bites — and their accompanying cacao bean pods — on display, ready to be tasted. You can also read all about the chocolate types you test out and see what their origins are. Moreover, you can read through all the shop’s pretty, chocolate focused books that cover subjects like sustainability, history, and the sources of the best chocolate beans and bars out there.

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CCC | Urban Putt

With indulgent food, craft cocktails, beer and wine, big desserts, and games, Urban Putt is guaranteed to be a good time for all ages {Credit: Urban Putt}

Have you ever canceled plans to get drinks with coworkers or a love interest thanks to your budding anxiety of whether hanging out — while staying relatively sober — at a bar would become lame or awkward? If you’re anything similar to some 99 percent of the population, then the answer is most likely yes. Luckily, the solution to quelling any boredom or social ineptness while continuing to drink and be merry is simple: Go to Urban Putt.

Urban Putt is a one-of-a-kind venue in San Francisco’s Mission District. As San Francisco’s first and only indoor miniature golf course, this unique venue has entertainment, a slew of creative house-made cocktails, a selection of West Coast craft beers, outstanding bar bites, and a full-service restaurant that serves California style comfort foods.

On the entertainment front, Urban Putt offers a state-of-the-art, San Francisco themed 14-hole mini-golf course. The intricately designed course skillfully highlights iconic San Francisco presenting earthquakes, the Transamerica Pyramid building, cable cars, and The Painted Ladies (a row of famous Victorian homes in the city), and more. In addition, there are arcade games such as Skeeball and basketball Pop-a-Shot for those who aren’t into mini-golf.

As if mini-golf and arcade games aren’t reasons enough to check out this hotspot, Urban Putt also serves fresh, internationally influenced American cuisine, placing the emphasis on taste rather than flare. Chef Dane Boryta’s menu offers innovative starters such as the rich and filling duck confit Poutine; the sweet and savory fried chicken and waffle skewers; and the spicy yet flavorful roasted pumpkin and queso fresco empanadas. For those who prefer lighter fare, chef Boryta also has a nice selection of salads such as the Sweet Gem Caesar with pickled beets.

A favorite among patrons are Urban Putt’s cheesy deep dish corn meal crust pizzas. Mushroom-lovers will enjoy The Gimme which has both smoked mozzarella and gorgonzola cheeses and marinated mushrooms atop a classic seasoned tomato sauce. Fans of Mexican food may like the Back Nine, which incorporates a black bean sauce, a cilantro-pumpkin seed pesto, a variety of fresh toppings, and, of course, cotija cheese. Other pizzas showcase specialty toppings such as the hearty chicken merguez and fennel pork sausage and chicken meatballs.

Urban Putt has an entrée menu perfect for any palate. Being the carnivore that I am, I’m a fan of the juicy grilled hanger steak, which comes with rainbow chard and mashed potatoes. The restaurant also offers a pork chop that pairs well with its mustard barbecue sauce. Moreover, the restaurant delivers seafood options like the almond-crusted Petrale sole and the Southern classic: shrimp with cheesy Carolina white corn grits. Standout sides include the flavor-packed Brussels sprouts, biscuits with jalapeño honey butter, and the always indulgent mac and cheese (which you can add bacon to!). Urban Putt also serves a signature UP organic beef burger which comes with melted onions and the works.

If you came to drink, then get ready for some fantastic artisanal cocktails. While it does offer a good list of beers and wines, Urban Putt’s cocktails steal the show. My personal favorites are the Hibiscus Paloma with tequila, elderflower, grapefruit, and hibiscus soda; and the Apple Shrub with cider, thyme, vodka, and a sprig of rosemary. The bar also concocts exceptional classic drinks made with inventive twists. Examples being the coffee old fashioned, the vodka tea sour, or the Marmalade Collins, which actually has marmalade in it.

The bar even has a creative list of shots to order from. Adventurous drinkers can down shots like the pickle back, the Rojos Ojos (a Bloody Mary-type shot), and a homemade sweet tea vodka shot. In efforts to stave off any chance of a hangover, Urban Putt’s addictive Bar Bites feature smaller portions of its entrées, as well as fun appetizers like its bacon deviled eggs, chipotle pork bites, and beef or pork hotlink corn dogs.

Finish off your night with a delectable treat off the venue’s self-proclaimed scrumptious dessert menu. Indulgent choices such as the Challah Bread Pudding[10] with the option of rum butter sauce or caramel sauce; graham cracker crusted lemon cream pie; and the candy bar bites (think Rice Krispies meringue and Applewood-smoked bacon crumble), make the decision tough.

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Dessert Alert | Golden Gate Bakery

One of Chinatown’s most popular bakeries draws lines around the block for its authentic sweets {Credit: Yelp/ Cat L.}

For those that don’t know about Golden Gate Bakery’s egg tarts, it’s time to learn!

Here are the top 10 reasons why Golden Gate Bakery’s egg tarts are unparalleled:

  1. Due to the high demand of these renowned egg tarts, Golden Gate Bakery continually has fresh batches of these yolk-yellow treasures coming straight out of the oven, piping hot.
  2. The buttery crust keeping the eggy custard together is impossibly flaky. Seriously, how do they get the slightly crispy outer crust so delicately, melt-in-your-mouth good?
  3. The fluffy custard itself is far better than any average dim-sum variety you’ve had in the past; the custard is not too eggy or too sweet and has a faint hint of vanilla in it. The egg tart’s custardy texture is light, creamy, and just a bit jiggly thanks to being so recently baked to perfection.
  4. Its real name is: dan tat.
  5. These Chinese pastries are 100 percent authentic.
  6. At $1.75 each — or $21 a dozen — these Chinatown delicacies won’t break the bank.
  7. The ladies who run the counter are generally friendly and quite efficient in making the lines go by quickly.
  8. Golden Gate also offers a large selection of indulgent favorites that include filling lotus and pineapple moon cakes; chewy, mochi-like banana rolls; classic red bean paste-filled sesame balls, sponge cakes, and one of my favorites, No Mai Chi — in English that means snowball with peanut filling — which is essentially a large, warm and sweet peanut-mixture filled mochi ball that’s rolled in coconut flakes.
  9. You can brag to all your San Francisco friends that you finally seized the opportunity to get your hands on one (or a dozen) of the famed Golden Gate egg tarts.
  10. Lastly, going to indulge on these delectable egg tarts gives you a great reason to check out San Francisco’s extremely diverse Chinatown or the always bustling Little Italy that’s just down the street.

The few drawbacks include: cash only and long lines… but it’s definitely worth the wait! Oh, and sometimes it randomly closes, so check here before you go (yes this is really a website dedicated to alerting people when it’s open)!

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CCC | St. Francis Fountain

St Francis Fountain
Credit: St. Francis Fountain

Since its founding in 1918 by an immigrant from Greece, St. Francis Fountain in San Francisco has evolved into a completely different establishment: one that caters to just about anybody, any meal of the day. St. Francis got a huge makeover in 2002, when its current owners decided to buy the former family-ran confectionary and ice cream parlor and entirely renovate it. The owners also decided it was time to expand the menu and, in doing so, transformed it into what it is today.

This vintage eatery is lightyears away from your average, gimmicky “diners” that most are used to. Stepping in to St. Francis feels like stepping into a different era. Though the menu has changed, the owners have fully maintained an old-fashioned and classic diner style. If that’s not enough reason to come, this diner also has a novelty candy collection that you’re unlikely to find anywhere else! Bazooka Joe gum, jaw breakers, 21 Jump Street collectible cards and bubble gum, Pez dispensers… it’s a candy aficionados dream. With cozy booths, an always-bustling countertop, traditional soda fountains, and massive portions of food served on red-checkered plates, the St. Francis endures with its genuine, homey charm.

There is big selection of breakfast and lunch items here. From huevos rancheros and corned beef hash to soups, salads, and burgers, it’s tough to decide what to order. Not to mention that, unlike most stereotypical diners, St. Francis offers plenty of vegetarian and vegan options. If you’re a carnivore like me, things like vegan chorizo, vegan sausage, and seitan — at first glance — may seem unappetizing, confusing even, but there’s a reason why native San Franciscans flock here.

Come very hungry, maybe even borderline starving, because the signature breakfast items are huge and satisfyingly hearty. Favorites include: The Nebulous Potato Thing, which is a large mound of potatoes, melted cheese, and an assortment of toppings like sour cream and salsa, and The Chef’s Mess — an equally large helping of scrambled eggs with potatoes, bacon, mushrooms, dressed up with a load of cheese, and of course, more toppings. St. Francis also serves dense biscuits and gravy, buttermilk hotcakes, and vegan pancakes.

As I mentioned earlier, there are a whole bunch of non-meat options that impress most, meat-eaters or otherwise. I ordered the eggs with vegan chorizo hash — under the impression it was actually meat chorizo — and still loved it. The “chorizo” was surprisingly tasty and well-seasoned. In fact, the only reason I knew it wasn’t meat was because of its texture.

For lunch, the diner serves common favorites; however, interesting standouts include The Devil Burger. This “burger” is vegan and made with marinated and grilled seitan. The consensus among most patrons is that it is almost pastrami like in flavor and is basically a thinly sliced, wheat gluten deli meat. Definitely something to try next visit.

Lastly, one colossal incentive to dine here, one that should be obvious, is the extensive menu of fountain classics, milkshakes, sundaes, pies, brownies, and banana splits! Fans of cream sodas need to try the orange Dreamsicle — it’s creamy, refreshing, and topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Those over 21 might prefer the Guinness beer float or the variety of Champagne cocktails. St. Francis’ milkshakes are super popular as well, and considering they’re almost 100 percent ice cream, it makes sense why. Though St. Francis doesn’t make the ice cream in-house any longer, it uses what is arguably the best ice cream in the Bay Area: Mitchell’s. No complaints here.

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CCC | Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch

FS6Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch is an absolutely wonderful restaurant. Everything from the service and food, to the grounds and landscaping, make for a lovely dining experience. The restaurant is big. The decor is rustic. With bale (hay) hook chandeliers, an open kitchen, large windows highlighting the garden surroundings and pretty little vases of freshly picked flowers on each table, the restaurant has the feel of a warm & welcoming modern barn.

Given that Farmstead receives fresh organic produce, grass-fed beef and lamb, olive oil, honey, wine and more from its own Rutherford Estate- 90 acres of farming land focused on providing the best quality ingredients for Farmstead’s seasonal menu- you’d be hard pressed to find a better farm-to-table dining experience.fs5

Charcuterie board & Deviled eggs


Charcuterie Board // Deviled eggs 
These starters were both beautifully presented on solid wooden boards. The variety of meats on the charcuterie board was fantastic. Not sure what everything was exactly, but the appetizer had great texture and all my favorite tastes. There was smokiness, satisfying saltiness, crunchiness from the melted lardon toast and it came with pickled veggies on the side to balance everything out.  The deviled eggs with pimento cheese and pickled veggies nicely complemented the savoriness of the meats.

Cheddar biscuits
Advice: order more than you think you can eat. These biscuits are crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside and have a rich buttery, cheesy flavor. Which obviously goes hand-in-hand with the homemade honey butter.


Sautéed potato gnocchi // Grilled heritage pork chop // LMR grass-fed short rib
The sautéed potato gnocchi with mushrooms, greens, romanesco, celery root puree, brown butter and Parmesan was the perfect combination of being both fresh and creamy. The sauce was savory and rich. The flavors of the veggies were really well enhanced and the whole dish so tasty! Not to mention, the gnocchi were plump, bite-sized potato pillows of heaven.

Normally I go for either chicken or red meat, but LMR’s wood grilled heritage pork chop with broccoli, jalapeño grits and apples was a well rounded dish full of flavor! I’m a huge fan of grits. The jalapeño grits were cheesy and had a nice kick to them. It paired excellently with the juicy pork chop and the slight sweetness of the apple chunks.

The ranch’s own grass-fed short rib with greens, vella cheddar grits and barbecue sauce was a hearty dish. I really love Farmstead’s use of grits over the conventional mashed potatoes and again, loved the cheddar grits- especially mixed with the tang of the bbq sauce. The short ribs were super tender and had just the right amount of fatty goodness.FS1


“Big easy” Beignets // S’mores bread pudding
The desserts were on point! The powdered sugar coated beignets were sweet and crunchy on the outside and nice and fluffy on the inside. I wish I could have them every morning with my coffee! The bourbon caramel sauce was rich, so delicious and over-the-top. In the best way possible.

The S’mores bread pudding was ridiculous. Obviously. Moist, rich, buttery, packed with chunks of chocolate and topped with ice cream and drizzled with caramel sauce. Gloriously gooey.

Farmstead at Long Meadow Ranch has a delightful atmosphere. They have an adorable general store that sells artisanal goodies, jerkys, jams, beauty products, candles and everything else they craft from their organic, farm cultivated ingredients. They even offer wine and whiskey flight tastings! In addition, the restaurant has the cutest outdoor patio area for warm, sunny days. As if that all wasn’t perfect enough, there are culinary gardens, citrus trees and picnic benches surrounding the property. If you’re in the St.Helena/ Napa Valley area, make sure to stop by hungry!

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