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As a freelance travel journalist I have the privilege of traveling around the world on assignment. Here are some of the articles I’ve written for various publications about my travels throughout Europe, which include Italy, France, Brussels, Germany, Ireland, and United Kingdom.

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TravelPulse/ Calabria: A Culinary Exploration of Southern Italy

Calabria is a stunning coastal region surrounded by the crystal-clear blue waters of the Ionian and Tyrrhenian Seas, rocky coasts and umbrella-dotted sandy beaches. Inland are endless acres of lemon, orange and olive trees, mountainous backdrops and rolling hills. Calabria’s history dates back thousands of years and is a place where you can explore ruins, castles and medieval villages. It’s as equally as beautiful as anywhere in Italy, yet still remains one of the lesser-visited regions.

TravelPulse/ Franciacorta: 21 Most Historic Wineries In Franciacorta

Sparkling wine enthusiasts should visit Franciacorta, Italy, a region famed for its namesake wine and the storied history behind its many wineries. Sparkling wine has been produced in Franciacorta since the 16th century, though it wasn’t until 1961 that the first bottle of Franciacorta was produced. Here’s a look at some of the most picturesque, historic wineries in the region.

TravelPulse/ Perugia: A Step Back in Time: Perugia, Italy

While Perugia is the capital city of both Umbria and the province of Perugia, it remains a largely underrated destination in Italy. Located in the center of the boot, it isn’t overcrowded with tourists or commercial shops, making it a charming, genuine locale to explore. One of Perugia’s main draws is its rich history. This Umbrian city was one of the main Etruscan communities; Today it successfully continues to highlight this heritage within its walls.

Fox News/ Franciacorta: Love bubbly? Visit this sparkling wine region instead of Champagne

If you love bubbly but are seeking a destination with fewer crowds, ample history, a bounty of Michelin stared-restaurants, incredible scenery and the possibility of rubbing shoulders with celebrity elites like George and Amal, then Franciacorta, Italy is the place for you. Franciacorta, located in the Northern part of the country, is best known for its namesake sparkling wine, Franciacorta. 


Forbes/ Champagne: Culinary Delights In The Birthplace Of Champagne

The Champagne region of France is a destination that must be experienced by those that love gastronomy. It is after all home to UNESCO listed cellars, sprawling vineyards and over 250 Champagne houses, in addition to charming small villages and miles of scenic French countryside. From Epernay to Lagny-Sur-Marne, there are countless stops to delight those interested in the intersection of history and the finer things in life.

TravelPulse/ French Alps: Club Med Opens Newest Alpine Resort in The French Alps

If the idea of a ski vacation for the whole family seems daunting, chances are you haven’t experienced a Club Med all-inclusive vacation experience. This month, Club Med opened their newest alpine resort, Club Med Les Arcs Panorama. This is the most recent addition to Club Med’s French Alps collection since last year’s opening of the nearby 382-room Club Med Samoëns Morillon Grand Massif.

TravelPulse/ French Alps: New Escape in the French Alps

Situated on the Plateau des Saix, within the heart of France’s fourth largest ski area, Club Med recently opened Grand Massif Samoëns Morillon in the beautiful French Alps. This brand new, all-inclusive resort blends seamlessly with its mountainous setting. The first thing you’ll notice at Grand Massif is how it boasts incredible, 360 degree panoramic views of the Samoëns Morillon valley.

Fox News/ French Alps: Aspen ski resorts can be surprisingly affordable — if you know where to look

If you think a family vacation in the French Alps is out of your league, chances are you haven’t considered Club Med’s all-inclusive vacation experiences. The popular resort chain offers travelers the chance to go on the international ski getaway of their dreams without breaking the bank or sacrificing the quality of their vacation by packaging up everything they need into one affordable price.


TravelPulse/ Belgium: The Must-See Comic Book Murals of Brussels

Sure we know about the fries, waffles, chocolate and ale, but did you know Brussels is home to over 55 comic book murals that paint its city walls? Known as the world’s comic book capital of the world, Belgium’s capital is filled with larger-than-life colorful murals that make the whole city look similar to a living comic book strip! We’ve rounded up the city’s most iconic murals, which can also be found on this cool comic strip route that tourists can follow when they visit.


Travel Weekly/ Dusseldorf: Historical hospitality amid Dusseldorf fete

Dusseldorf, Germany, is home to one of the most outrageous celebrations in all of Europe: Rosenmontagszug, held two days before Ash Wednesday. Think: 60-plus outrageously decorated floats, countless marching bands and scores of costumed partiers lining the streets, crowding bars and restaurants, on balconies and rooftops, all shouting “Helau” (the local greeting) in hopes of catching candy thrown from the floats. I was invited to participate in this year’s parade.


The Daily Meal/ Cork: The Scoop On Ireland’s Premiere Whiskey, Midleton Very Rare

In Fall 2017, I had the incredible opportunity to experience the coveted 2017 vintage release of its Midleton Very Rare Cask in Cork. It was a night of tastings with both Master Distillers, Nation and Crockett, that included a first-time exclusive tasting of The Midleton Very Rare Vintage Collection 1984-2016. The tastings were followed by a curated dinner experience by Michelin star chef Martijn Kajuiten that highlighted the Midleton Very Rare Cask Circle Experience.



TravelPulse/ Britain: Commemorating the Mayflower Voyage

History buff or not, most can recall the story of the Mayflower and the Pilgrims’ fight for religious freedom. 2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims leaving from England to America. In honor of this extraordinary voyage, an international partnership of thirteen American, Dutch and English communities lead by both Plymouth Mass and England has been created to celebrate the historic anniversary.

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