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As a freelance travel journalist I have the privilege of traveling around the world on assignment. Here are some of the articles I’ve written for various publications about my travels throughout Asia, which include Japan, Vietnam, Thailand and China.

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TravelPulse/ Tohoku: 15 Places To Experience the Best of Tohoku, Japan

Looking to avoid the crowds heading to Japan this year? Then book a trip to Tohoku in the Northern region of Japan. Tohoku has six prefectures—Aomori, Akita, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi and Yamagata—each of which offers beautiful landscapes, spiritual temples and shrines, historical sites, unique cuisine, samurai culture and more. Avoid tourist traps and overwhelming crowds while experiencing the best of Tohoku at these 15 places.

TravelPulse/ Nikko: 25 Things To Experience In Nikko, Japan

For national forests, World Heritage sites, hot springs, ornate temples and shrines and more, head to Nikko, a peaceful respite from busier tourist destinations of Japan. Less than two hours away from Tokyo via Tobu Railway, a private train service that features reclining seats and a scenic ride across five prefectures, the Tobu-Nikko station is the final stop beginning at Asakusa Station. Here are 25 ways to discover the rich culture, history and nature of Nikko.

TravelPulse / Tokyo: Five Places to Get Your Fill of Art and Culture in Tokyo

Tokyo is one of the world’s most popular destinations. Visitors to Japan’s busy capital have access to an unending variety of sights, sounds, tastes and everything in-between. Whether you’re a foodie, history buff, fashion addict, photographer or a lover of nature, Tokyo and it’s surrounding area has something for you. With that said, here are five of the best places in Tokyo to take in art, culture and heritage!

INSIDER / Tokyo: I visited a convenience store in Japan and it’s so much better than ones in the US

Convenience stores in Japan, which are also known as conbini, live up to every bit of hype I have ever heard. And after visiting Lawson, one of the biggest convenience-store chains in Japan, my expectations have officially been raised — and convenience stores in the US will never be nearly as appealing. Here’s a look at my first experience in Lawson, a broke food lover’s dream.

INSIDER / Tokyo: 13 of the most Instagrammable foods in Tokyo

Tokyo, Japan, is home to many foods that are almost too pretty to eat.  Adorable, colorful eats can be found in cafes and sit-down restaurants throughout the city, so I spent four days searching for a few of the most photogenic ones. Here are some of the most Instagrammable foods in Tokyo. 

Travel Weekly/ Setouchi: Exploring Japan’s Setouchi region by land, sea and air

Most Americans know little about the Setouchi region of Japan. Prior to my fam trip hosted by the Setouchi Tourism Authority, I didn’t know much, either. However, it’s precisely because it’s not as inundated with foreigners as other parts of Japan that visitors have the opportunity to engage with authentic Japanese culture.


TravelPulse/ Hoi An – Hanoi: Adventurous Vietnam: Immersive Excursions for the Active Traveler

Vietnam is a vibrant country full of incredible scenery, lush jungles, endless caves and gorgeous coastal and mountain landscapes. It’s an ideal place to explore for adventurous travelers. I spent nine super active days with REI Adventures, hiking, biking and spelunking my way through the country with a group of high-spirited travelers on a designated Under 35 trip. We began this once-in-a-lifetime trip in Hoi An and ended in the capital of Hanoi.


Fodor’s Travel/ Bankok: The World’s Best Pad Thai Is Made at This Floating Market in Thailand

Lovers of food can’t visit Thailand without experiencing the bustling energy of one of the country’s famous floating markets. Damnoen Saduak, located about an hour away from downtown Bangkok, is the largest in the country. At Damnoen Saduak, Miss Suwaphi is the queen of Pad Thai and has been for over ten years. True story: I ate her Pad Thai twice during my afternoon excursion at the market and honestly, I would have eaten a third serving if my stomach had allowed.

TravelPulse/ Thailand: 25 Most Beautiful Hotels in Thailand

Thailand is one of those countries that you could visit ten times and each time discover something new. With 77 provinces, more than 40,000 temples, a seemingly infinite amount of pristine tropical beaches, a rich history steeped in Buddhism, as well as, uber-modern cities that exude the same intoxicating atmosphere as any in the United States, it’s a country that caters to every traveler.

TravelPulse/ Chiang Rai: Escape Reality at the Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort

Listening to the sounds of elephants trumpeting while sipping coffee on your private balcony overlooking the rolling hills of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand is nothing short of magical. The Anantara Golden Triangle Elephant Camp & Resort is located in the northernmost province in Thailand, Chiang Rai, and unlike most luxury resorts you’re likely to visit in your lifetime, it offers activities that are truly unique to the area.


TravelPulse/ Suzhou: Six Reasons To Visit Suzhou, China’s Lesser Known Cultural Hub

Suzhou is an ancient city whose profound history plays a large part in its culture and way of life, even today. Located in the Jiangsu Province, around 60 miles west of Shanghai, it’s easy for travelers to get to via train or car, making it a worthwhile and convenient day trip. Though one day isn’t enough to fully experience the Venice of China. Suzhou is a special place, one defined by canals, classical gardens, silk industry, “su bang cai” or Suzhou cuisine and more.

Travel Weekly/ Guangzhou: Essential attractions on a Guangzhou stopover

Though China can seem like it’s a world away from the U.S., my direct flight to Guangzhou from San Francisco was surprisingly painless. From a stress-free experience at China Southern Airlines’ Business Class VIP check-in counter to my preflight complimentary tea and light bites at its VIP lounge to priority boarding access, complete with a private shuttle to the plane, the decision to opt for an upgraded ticket with this airline was well worth the extra cost.

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