The Best Things to Experience In Fairbanks, Alaska – An Exciting 6 Day Itinerary

From sled dogs and reindeer pups to Thai food and the freshest salmon around to hot springs and Arctic circle flights, Fairbanks has countless one-of-a-kind adventures and attractions for everyone. Alaska is truly a unique American destination that deserves to be on anyone’s bucket list, especially adventurous travelers looking to experience things like rugged nature, untamed wildlife, and natural phenomenon…


48 Hours In Fargo, North Dakota

While you may only recognize the name “Fargo” from the 1996 film or the FX series, known for its famous woodchipper murder scene, Fargo, North Dakota is a surprisingly diverse city that offers something unique for everyone. During my two days in Fargo, I got my fill of art and culture; indulged in everything from donuts larger than my face…


The Statue Of Liberty

The Statue of Liberty is quintessential to what New York, as well as what the greater United States, represents: freedom. Though one of the most popular tourist attractions ever, it’s definitely a must-see (at least once in your life), whether you’re from the Big Apple or not. I loved the experience of visiting The Lady of Liberty, from start to finish.…


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