Cocktails | Lemon-Aid Your Libations to Perfection

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All you need is a little citrus to boost the flavor of any drink, whether boozy or not. {Credit: Four Pillars}

When life gives you lemons, say thank you, because from those lemons come these sweet and (slightly) sour, thirst-quenching, and oh-so-summertime-perfect libations! Boozy, caffeinated, fruity, tart, or simply refreshing, here are five beverages that take plain old lemonade to new levels of delicious (both alcoholic and not)!

Oiji NYC’s The Flying Nun
Tea fans will love this calming, tart, bubbly refreshment. The innovative use of fragrant chamomile will sooth your taste buds and — lucky for you — this libation is non-alcoholic, so have as many as you want!

{Credit: Oiji NYC}

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Angry Orchard’s Angry Honey Bee

Cider lovers rejoice! This beverage is perfect for when you want to change up your normal cider consumption by mixing the crisp drink with some fruity flavors and tartness from the lemon juice.

{Credit: Angry Orchard}

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Is Lemonade Coffee a Trend to Jump On?
Yes, it sounds bizarre, but one of the newest trends in iced coffee is, the coffee lemonade. Similar to an Arnold Palmer, except without the iced tea, this unusual drink combines citrus and caffeine, for a bold and refreshing taste.

{Credit: Pixabay}

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Four Pillars’ Sub Continental
The intense fragrance of curry leaf combined with fresh lemon juice and the full-bodied spice from the gin makes for a unique, revitalizing summer cocktail.

{Credit: Rick Liston}

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Sparkling Ice’s Lemon Lavender Cocktail
Instead of gulping down cocktails loaded with sugar, treat yourself to a bubbly, fresh, and healthier sip. With floral lavender notes and a tart sweetness from the lemon, this beverage is perfect for a hot day.

{Credit: Sparkling Ice/ Brittany Wright}

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CCC | Suppenküche’s Biergarten

Beer, bratwurst, and friendship and come together at this Hayes Valley gem. {Credit: Yelp/ Jeanne C.}

Though San Francisco isn’t known for blazing hot summers, there’s never really a “bad” time to enjoy fresh air, delicious food, and drinks with good company, right? Unless perhaps it’s snowing outside, but luckily for San Franciscans, it never snows here. Those who don’t frequent Hayes Valley often may not know about this neighborhood jewel — I’m shocked I didn’t; but with warmer weather comes the desire to be out and about, and that’s when I discovered Suppenküche’s Biergarten.

The Biergarten is located on a vacant, concrete lot that was converted into rentable space in the form of shipping containers, as a part of Hayes Valley’s Proxy Project. The project, which was originally a temporary collaboration between the city and Envelope Architecture+Design, was conceived out of the idea that San Francisco can either squander opportunities for positive growth, or transform this desolate location into a new, revenue-making area for some of the city’s best eateries, artists, and retailers. Five years later, the gang of shipping container shops — now known in the area known as Proxy — has been granted another five years in business, until 2021.

The 100-seat open-air Biergarten is a charming, Bavarian style, neighborhood beer garden, which is an extension of its parent restaurant,Suppenküche. Suppenküche is a friendly and welcoming German restaurant, whose specialty is Bavarian cooking. Known for its traditional German fare, this cozy eatery emphasizes camaraderie and is one of the first places in San Francisco to offer communal seating. With hearty food that includes sautéed pork loins, braised beef, and, of course, authentic bratwurst mit sauerkraut (pork sausage with sauerkraut), it’s hard not to stuff your face. And, obviously, Suppenküche has an enormous beer (and wine) list featuring a variety of top-notch German, Austrian, and Belgian Beers I cannot pronounce.

The vibrant, lively, and bustling beer garden has communal tables, like Suppenküche, sun umbrellas, illuminated tea lights, and blankets for chilly nights. The ambiance is unbeatable on a warm, San Francisco day — or night. The food goes amazingly well with the extensive list of beers, wines, and ciders it offers. Snack bites include freshly baked, soft pretzels; pickled vegetables (including dill pickles); and bright, fuchsia-colored, pickled deviled eggs. The Biergarten also features a mouthwatering, half-pound, and grass-fed beef burger that’s dressed with a new set of toppings daily. Also available are pork belly sliders and the Gnomeburger, a mini-burger with avocado and a garlic herb aïoli.IMG_5579There’s also a selection of buttered pretzel sandwiches that include the Guest Knot, made with crispy prosciutto and aged Cheddar, and the salty/ sweet Banana Knot, made with banana, house-made hazelnut butter, and local honey. The star of my beer garden visit was the bratwurst with curry-roasted potatoes. The bratwurst is outstanding in flavor and the curry potatoes serve as an unexpectedly delicious and mouth-cooling side. The Biergarten also features the currywurst and bratdog, which is bratwurst with house made curry ketchup and the other with house-made kraut, respectively.

The Biergarten serves a rotating selection of the best beers out there, from breweries around the world. Moreover, they offer hard ciders — a personal favorite — and an Australian white wine, one red, and daily surprise additions. Beers come in huge mugs, in liter or half-liter sizes, and are perfect for quenching your thirst alongside your savory selections of German fare.

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Apple Picking at Masker Orchards

Apple picking

Fall is officially here. It’s crisper outside, the leaves are changing colors and it’s 100% totally acceptable to indulge in anything pumpkin spice for at least the next two months! I even felt compelled to buy the limited edition Pumpkin Pie ChapStick, because why wouldn’t I want the smell of pumpkin spice on my lips at all times?! Anyways, Fall also means it’s prime time for apple picking- one of my favorite activities once October rolls around!Apple orchards

This year we ventured upstate to Masker Orchards in Warwick, NY to pick our fresh fruits. I absolutely loved roaming through their 200 acre orchard and honestly wish I could walk through an orchard every day. Like casually, on my way to work. The fresh air, big open sky, reveling in the beauty that is Mother Nature and having the opportunity to run around signing random Zelda songs without care (actually happened) as I search for the best apples to pick, was heavenly!

While there, we warmed up with hot apple cider and devoured freshly baked cider donuts covered in cinnamon sugar. We ended up picking probably around 25 lbs of juicy apples of all varieties– Granny Smith, Empire, Jonagold, Crispin, Ida Red and Golden Delicious. So stay tuned for a whole bunch of apple dessert recipes!
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