NYC Spotlight: Minnetta Tavern

I should clarify by what I mean as “the best burger ever” because I normally don’t go around ordering $28 burgers. When it comes to your everyday burger, Shake Shack is where it’s at. Sorry in-n-out. But I mean have you tried the Shack Stack? I absolutely love the animal style cheeseburger when I’m in California, but I would take…


NYC Spotlight: Afternoon Tea at The Plaza Hotel

I have always wanted to have Afternoon Tea in The Palm Court at The Plaza Hotel!!! So on my birthday, when my boy friend and I started walking down Central Park towards 5th Ave for a “surprise,” I knew exactly where we were headed! I, my friends, was extremely pumped. After my first step in to The Plaza Hotel, I already felt fancy.…


Cherry Jam White Chocolate Chip Cookies

These delicious cookies are a perfect combination of chewy, buttery and sweet with a little tang, depending on the jam you use in the middle. The white chocolate melts in your mouth, the center was dense, while the outsides were just the right amount of crunch to it! My bf and I decided to get adventurous with the recipe- we…


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