The Bronx Zoo

I love the zoo. I really really do. Definitely not the part where the animals are trapped… but I like to think they’re at least being treated well. I just love seeing wild animals up close! I feel like they’re all different types of pokemon– is that weird to say? Probably. Anyways, one of the things on my bucket list…


Randall’s Island

Earlier this month, I really wanted to just get out of NYC and go on a hike somewhere in the mountains- away from the crowded subways, hot garbage and hobo smells. Unfortunately, I woke up at 1:20 in the afternoon. And because I’m in NYC that means a trip to the great fresh air is a no-go. This is due…


Aerial Yoga Adventures!

Aerial Yoga is definitely one of the more adventurous exercise classes I’ve ever experienced. My co-worker and I did it at Om Factory NYC as a team building event and it’s safe to say it is something we won’t soon forget! It’s a really cool class that made me feel like some type of clumsy and unbalanced aerobatic gymnast. Regardless, I totally recommend trying…


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